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YIKES!! They offer no refunds past the Basic course(that is within 48 hours)..BUYER BEWARE!! Easy way to lose $10K+ I signed up and paid for the womens class in December(which I didn't want to take, but had to to take the Summit class) and by mid January I knew they weren't for me...too late. No exceptions and no cancellations with refunds... BAD BUSINESS!! I have no desire to be connected to a... Read more

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I paid for the course and decided to back out because: 1) the guy that introduced me to the course has a lot of issues himself. How can you advocate for self-discovery if you haven't resolved your own issues from this supposed "magical" course 2) he blatantly told me that some of the men there will take advantage of your emotionally unstable state and try to get into bed with you. Parents, keep... Read more

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My boss flew me from Cleveland to Hollywood in order to take the seminar. This was in the late seventies. Boy were they full of ***! Almost cult like. Smacks of Scientology. They just want your money. Read more

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I am 77 and just completed the PSI Basic seminar. I graduated from UNC, Chapel Hill, NC in 3 years and have been taking "college level" and above classes for over 57 years. This one-week, 70+ hour training seminar is the best personal growth and educational program I have ever had the opportunity to participant in! Out of approximately 53,000 students, "Pissed Consumer" has 171 complaints. ... Read more

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e.g. tacos, Mel's Menu PSI Seminars 22 Reviews Life Coach, Educational Services Write a Review Add Tip Add Photo Bookmark South San Francisco, CA 94080 Directions Call (650) 553-0099 Message the business More Info Website Ad Grateful Services 1 Review Grateful Services We are not taught emotional intelligence in school. I spent a life time learning how… Ad Creative Vision Legal 3 Reviews... Read more

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I was 15 years old when I took my PSI Basic Seminar. After being in counselling for 7 months, I thought life was great and I didn't need anything else. I thought I had it all figured out. Taking the basic allowed me to look at my life in a completely different level I have never looked at before. To this day I thank the universe all the time of how grateful I am to have taken this class, I have... Read more

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Like some of the other reviewers I don't have personal experience with taking any of the courses and I never will. I do have a friend whom whenever he contacts me it is about takin the course. I hear from him about every three months. He starts with small talk and then I get the sales pitch. It always comes. I even get told that my nine year old son would benefit greatly from the course and that... Read more

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I took the 3 day seminar $600, the seminar at the ranch in Northern Cal referred to in this review and PLD which is a weeks long goal setting course where your own team supports your goals. On the one hand it was pricey, on the other hand I didnt feel taken advantage of. I CHOSE to write the checks, put myself "out there" and was determined to use the seminars as a vehicle to change some of the... Read more

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I attended the three-day basic course, a one-week PSI seven at the California ranch, and their 90-day workshop. I have a strongly ambivalent report to make about this extraordinary self-improvement organization. The three-day introductory seminar was mind-blowing and life-changing. It consisted of a series of lectures and experiential exercises that challenge you to see your life and its... Read more

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I was taking the Portland, OR seminar with a friend. I registered & paid the $600 that night we both heard about it. The seminar was a little over one month away in Nov 2012. I turned around and canceled my registration by phone, two days later. It was in the time frame to receive a full refund. The guy who I talked to whose name, unfortunately I don't recall (I remember either a Phil, Jim or... Read more

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