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Went to the basic and managed to pull myself away. By the way, that "100% refundable" is only applicable if you stay for their entire weekend of brainwashing, not if you leave before they kick things off. The bullying, fake laughing, predatory and pressured sales tactics are clearly indicative of a cult and my ten friends who have done this or Landmark Forum (another LGAT cult) are all working as hard as they can to sell everyone on these programs.

I can't say enough bad things about this program that preys on people looking for validation and social acceptance. This is the dark side of personal development and it is extremely good at hooking people into their program and convincing them to dive deeper into their web.

Want some personal development? Read some books, use YouTube to research the right things, exercise, get some friends, be vulnerable with them and don't let anyone break you down and make you feel like you can't have your "breakthrough" without their help.

You are good enough, you are loved, you have what it takes to change your life without needing to rely on anyone but yourself, you need to want it badly enough, but that's how life works. Embrace the pain, lean in and smile at the adversity, resistance demands strength and we're all moving through adversity, and whether you believe it or not, we're all getting stronger.

Love and peace folks

Product or Service Mentioned: Psi Seminars Seminar.

PSI Seminars Cons: Sales tactics, Brainwashing, Very much a cult, Refund wasnt honored, Bullying.

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Couldn’t agree more. My husband went with a relative and could see right through them, so relived he didn’t join their ridiculous punch drunk wagon , it’s a bunch of real estate agents and mortgage brokers looking to rub elbows.