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You want to meet a PSI grad; Name Cindy A. Philips. PSI Grad. Check out how enlightened she is on her myspace account. She tries to recruit other women's husband to attend PSI Seminars. She lives in Nyack Ney York. Beware if she tried to recruit you to this ***.

This was posted by Cindy Phillips and Proud of It.

"Hi there and wow! All I can say is wow... Amazing. I've been through all of the PSI Courses, staffed WLS, Camp Choice, Principia and actually brought the Basic back to NY City 3 times... as well as played PLD, have been a PLD Angel (angel? I doubt that *** 4 times, attended 4 Ack Nights in celebration... etc. I have never seen such a big group of people crying in their coffee over the responsibility and accountability of GROWN UPS. People BLAMING PSI SEMINARS FOR RUINING THEIR LIVES. What is that about? (You should know ***!!!!) What kind of mentality is that? To blame a seminar company for what? Look at yourself, (yeah look at yourself) your life, your past choices, your responsibility or NOT, the people in your lives. NOW hold YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICES. Next, hold the people in your life accountable and responsible for THEIR CHOICES. It's that simple.

I am NOT brainwashed. I don't even watch tv. I have a thorough understanding of the classes and why they are run the way they are. (Yeah, I bet you do). There are more than 600, 000 PSI Grads in the world, less than 1% asked for the money back after the Basic Seminar. By the way, the class is refundable. (NO IT IS NOT). If you feel you got NO value out of the class, you write a letter and get all except $50 back. (BULL ***). I have NEVER met anyone who asked for their money back because you'd have to be DEAD NOT TO GET VALUE OUT OF THE BASIC SEMINAR. As for those of you who've not been through the entire class commenting on blogs and the internet? How can you be an authority of something YOU KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT? All this *** and moaning just blows me away. All this pointing fingers at a seminar company that is doing MORE GOOD IN THE WORLD than any other organization I have seen to this day. (More bull ***) The graduates contribute all over this Earth we share yet, (sure they do, ask Todd Nuttall about that). I see this MEAN stuff happening on websites because you all are blaming a seminar company for the results that YOU'VE CREATED IN YOUR OWN LIVES.

Your choice to write here and vent... in this pity party keeps other people who may benefit from this work and the PSI Courses away because they buy into your victim stories of misery and woe. Then you roll it all together with insulting people who have embraced the work in their lives because you'd rather pull them down then lift them up.

I will tell you right now that if you write one derogatory thing about me I will sue you for slander. My life is so clean, (better check your underwear ***!!! Oh I forgot, you don't wear any.) I don't even drink coffee. I am acutely aware of what I am writing right now and clear on all of my decisions in and around this seminar company so do NOT use me as a verbal punching bag as you did my FRIEND Michelle (another PSI nut) in the above posts. Go back and READ what she wrote. She was logical about what she wrote in a kind manner... Be careful what you say here, that may just be a Graduates LOVED ONE.

How can you write that to someone you don't know about her choices? You don't know her or what her life is about...

PSI is about personal choice.

It is about taking responsibility for our own choices.

It is about personal accountability for what we think, say and do.

It is about world contribution and believing that we are one human family, not just a town, city or country, that every person matters.

It is about letting go of the behaviors that are NOT supporting us in creating the life we really want to have.

Doing the work and CHOOSING TO TAKE THE CLASSES and participating is MY DECISION. No one forced me, begged me, pushed or shoved me or guilted me into anything. I was not held down against my will or manipulated into anything. The person who shared with me about it never even asked me to go. I actually asked because I saw how his life was evolving because of choices he was making and ideas he'd learned through PSI Seminars. I was interested because I saw someone I cared about living a life of honesty, integrity, keeping his word, growing his business, creating financial freedom, building and keeping amazing personal relationships in his life. (Sure you did after he left his wife). He was leading by example. (some example) I had a wonderful life before PSI Seminars and I wanted more of what HE had... I knew that I could always grow in my life and TRUSTED and LOVED my friend so that I was excited to step into the adventure of the Basic and the other classes and work.

My suggestions:

Embrace your life. Contribute to your communities. Be responsible. Be happy. If someone doesn't want to be with you, let them go. They are doing you a favor and giving you your life and the next amazing chapter in it. Let go of the way things are supposed to look or the way that you were told growing up it would be.

I promise you that misery loves company and there will always be people that will jump into your pity party and cry with you. That behavior supports you for about five minutes, then after that, how does it serve you?

And life is so much more fun when you live from a power position of being accountable, being responsible, that you make your own choices, create your life to be the way you want, when you answer to no one except yourself and live in a way that empowers others because you've embraced what is wonderful about you. When you live a life of contribution and concern for others and you give of your heart, your time, your special gifts and that makes a difference to others, you will be living a life of joy and passion and giving. It is about respecting others choices and giving them space to make their own decisions. There is so much delicious stuff happening in this world.

Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy? Based on the tone of this blog, I guess you'd all rather be right than happy... which in your eyes, makes PSI Seminars WRONG... and a company that is creating "World Peace One Mind at a Time" is not wrong or to blame...

No one is broken, no one needs to be fixed. (Have you looked in mirror). People are not manipulated. Nor do people make mistakes. No one is to blame. There are no victims, (holy shot, you're not telling us to stop playing the victim?) only volunteers.

People make CHOICES. A mistake is what a person calls a choice that did NOT turn out the way they originally thought it would... blame is what people do when they do NOT want to look in the mirror at their own choices or contribution to a situation. It's so easy to BLAME someone else or an organization. What about your life?

I can lead the horse to water and I cannot make him drink. What I mean by this is, I can tell you a million reasons why I choose to be and stay involved with PSI Seminars and it won't matter one bit if you are not open to learning about it other than from what you read here written by people who may have never even taken a class offered by PSI. I have a circle and access to more than 1, 800 PSI Grads. (that must be some date book you have, no wonder you don't watch TV). You want to know about the work, I'd be happy to ask them for support on sharing what they've gotten out of the work.

I can share a million different experiences supporting the work in the world, or tell you about the amazing friendships I've created with people I've met, or how involved I am in charity work in the world and in my community because of what I've learned through PSI Seminars about being of service on this planet...

I can defend the company, I can ask you all to be more open minded, I can spout example after example of the good work being done by grads everywhere... this list is long and I completely understand that it's your CHOICE TO either believe me or to bah humbug what I've written out of your mind. (Does this *** ever stop?)

What I know is that YOU are responsible for your choices as am I. What I may consider amazing, you may not. And it's all good. PSI Seminars is NOT for everybody.

It IS for those who want to excel in their lives, to be more successful in their relationships, to take better care of their bodies, to contribute to the world around them, those who want to build their financial situations for the better, who have a connection the Creator/God and believe in spiritual aspects of life... PSI Seminars IS for successful people who want to be MORE successful, who want to raise themselves up along with others in their lives. It is for those who want to create closer relationships with their loved ones and business associates.

If this is NOT what you want in your life, then do us a favor, don't come to the Basic or PSI classes. (Don't worry I won't. I don't want to see you spreading you legs behind the Barn.) PSI is for those who take responsibility in their lives, (PSI Is for Losers) who are accountable for their decisions. If you are a *** or a moaner, then don't bother. If you want to cry about what you heard or were asked to do, stay home. (I will and look at all the money I saved.) If you don't want to do anything to make any changes in your life for the better, then stay away.

This company was created and stands today, the oldest seminar company in its original form. Without advertising. (Yeah, they're afraid people will learn the truth) 600, 000 + PSI Basic Grads... Why? Because it works. The work works for those who choose to use it in a way that supports them in CREATING, BEING, WORKING, CHOOSING... more, better, different than they have now and are making a difference in the world all over the world.

Whenever I read people putting down PSI Seminars, I think of how I've chosen to apply the work to my life. I think of my experiences at each class along the way. I remember each staffing experience and what that brought to my life. I get excited about the different fundraisers and contributions I make often because I know more than ever how much the world needs me... (God, you are full of yourself and your bulls*it). I get excited about what I am creating, giving, doing and sharing. I am not blaming anyone (sounds like you are). I am not on websites (excuse me; but you posted this on a website) putting down something I know nothing about. I am too busy creating my life to be the way I want it to be, the way I've dreamt it can be to hang out in the pity party with anyone.

What I wish for all of you is that your hearts be softened, your minds be opened to the possibility (PSI jargon) that life is not always the way you planned. That people may do things you do not understand or desire or approve of. So what, now what? That you'll understand that we all have our paths and what's wonderful is that they are individual and what works for one, may not work for another. And that it's OK. May you figure out that the more time you focus on the pity party, the less time you have to focus on the PARTY THAT IS YOUR LIFE... that you are missing out on all the fun going on around you. I wish for you that you contribute to your communities, so much so that your heart fills with joy and almost explodes with pride because you know you are making a difference. I wish for you that you feel amazing in your relationships and can communicate your needs clearly so that there are no fights or drama. That you figure out how to attract and create financial freedom. That you let go of the past and live in the NOW.

There is so much more I wish for you AND did I learn all this from PSI Seminars and the classes? (NOT INTERESTED). Maybe, maybe not. I had a foundation I was building before I got to the Basic AND what I will tell you is that this work has supported me in continuing on my life's path, my soul's path in a way, that I could not imagine where I'd be without the work. Certainly, I'd have created a wonderful life AND I would not trade the past years involved with PSI Seminars for a life without it.

You all have no idea the good stuff that you're missing.

It's ok, all the more fun for us Grads to have!

Dream big! Have fun! Live with Passion! Love!

With Respect,

Cindy Phillips, PSI Seminars Grad and PROUD OF IT!

San Diego Basic May 04

PSI 7 397

Women's Leadership C-82

PLD Team 6

Principia 04 & 05

PLD Angel 4 times

Built, staffed and Chiefed 3 NY Basic Seminars 2-06, 6-06, 5-07

Staffed: Basic Seminar 8-04, 9-04~ WLS 07, Camp Choice 07, Principia 09

Supporting & staffing: Boston Basic Seminar February 2010

(42 along and looking for a real man)


Now this is Cindy's letter addressed to a woman who's husband she was dating.

"The Nerve....

Current mood: enlightened (I liked this "ENLIGHTENED") Read this letter and tell me Cindy is "ENLIGHTENED." Doesn't this go against the teachings of PSI seminars Cindy? What a hypocrite.

"Category: Life

This blog is for a particular woman (classless, although I will use the word woman lightly for lack of better term)...

Who I KNOW has been reading my blogs and has had the NERVE TO CONTACT me through myspace to be an absolute CRUEL person. I have never had a conversation or met this person EVER so here goes...

Miss L...

I have a funny feeling that although you've cancelled your myspace profile after my last email response to you, that you are probably checking back in periodically to view my blogs or read my profile to scan for possible changes...

Since it's been 11 months since your last bought of harrassment and you felt the need to follow up again... I want to insure that it will NOT HAPPEN AGAIN in a private forum(as in emailing me in private) and I am answering you back in an open forum.

I am not quite sure where you ever got the balls to contact me in the first place.... but I will attempt to uncover and review the situation here... originally, after you contacted me last year, I made my profile private last year because LORD only knows what a stalker like you is capable of...

Then I realized that there is no need for me to make my profile private because of YOU. Don't flatter yourself and I refuse to give you that much power. Granted, yes, I am writing to you here because I feel the momentary need to put you in your place AND this is about all the energy you will ever get from me again.

I don't have anything to hide, hence my open to the public information and profile, unlike you that hid behind a faceless information less profile.

Now as for you...

Where do you get off contacting me in the first place? At all?

You are NOT my friend, acquaintance or anything else in my world other than someone who knows someone I do. Remember that.

You have NO right to contact me at all and CERTAINLY NOT TO BE a MEAN SPIRITED PERSON.

Didn't your mother or father or someone teach you that if you have nothing to say, shut the *** up until something nice comes out?

I am sure if they knew the context of the emails you've sent me, they'd send you to your room without dinner and put you in the time out corner for an hour facing the wall with no computer or tv priviledges for the night.

In my kindest and most compassionate moments, I wonder what I ever did to you that you would direct such venomous comments my way...

AHHHHH, I remember now... it is possible that long before you ever met the man you 'claim' is your 'husband', I dated him... could it be that you are jealous that you cannot even stand in the line with me in the class and maturity department?

Possibly the looks, energy or personality department either and it just makes you crazy...

doesn't it? That the little bit that you've learned about me through this website shows you that I present myself in a certain way to the world and for some reason, it just eats you up to no end, doesn't it?

Why ELSE would you go after a person you never met?

Jealousy is a funny thing.. isn't it? It makes people show up in embarrassing ways in their lives... in your case MEAN!

Why would you throw absolutely immature, mean, cruel judgements at someone you never met?

What could you possibly know about me other than what is in my profile? So pick on those things?

To email me picking apart everything you think will upset me if you 'touch upon it' in an email...

Girlfriend, a bit of advice. Go back to your sandbox and play alone until you figure out how to approach other people nicely. You really never know who you are *** with... you never know if the person who is on the receiving end of your bullsh-t is taller, prettier, more intelligent and knows cops in your town that will arrest your *** for stalking, harrassment and whatever else is law and is in my favor.

I will NOT HESITATE TO SEND YOUR *** TO JAIL IF YOU EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR? (yeah, how did that work out for you Cindy?) I'm still waiting.)

I have had enough of people like you thinking that you have the RIGHT or are somehow entitled to abuse an innocent (you are not innocent) human being with your immature garbage. And I hope that everyone who reads this emails, copies and pastes it and sends it out to those who've done the same to them.

It is time for the abused to take back their power and stand up to babies such as yourself.

The sad part is, I'd be your best friend, had you only been nice in the first place. I am the coolest woman I've ever met. (Good God, you really are in love with yourself aren't you Cindy). My friends and family thinks so too and my kitten thinks that the moon and sun rise and sets at my feet!!! Oh, by the way, so do my wonderful neices and nephews...

It's your loss. In your attempt to bring me down, you brought yourself down and raised me up to a new level of consciousness... one that showed me what I was made of, again and reminded me of how I can carry myself in the eyes and events of adversity, no matter how big or small.

Every bit of meanness you spit at me... I believe in karma... so I know it comes back to you times 10... how sad... resentment is the poison you drink while waiting for the other person to die. Maybe you'll learn that lesson eventually... being that you decided to come back for more after almost a year shows me that you just couldn't let things rest...

And now, you gave up your cards to me in addition as I know that every insecure statement you threw at me is actually your greatest fears in writing. So when you get to be my age, I KNOW every little thing you will be worried about and if all goes full circle, some little whippersnapper like yourself will probably get in your face...

Although by then, you'll forget your little email stalking/harrassment towards me and be devastated that someone you never met reached out to attempt to hurt you...

except that you may just lack the wisdom to realize what's going on that moment and actually be upset that they contacted you at all and you probably will believe what a stranger said to you...

Just so you know... pay close attention to this information.

I know your full name.

I know your family member's names.

I know who your closest friends are.

I know where you live and how and where you spend your days and nights.

I have your phone number and mailing address and social security number.

I have your personal information. Your friend's names, etc.

Everything you do via the internet is traceable.

Remember that the next time you go on one of your verbal adventures.

Have a nice life. And leave me out of it.


Cindy A. Phillips


(Beware of this woman if she tries to recruit you to PSI Seminars.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Psi Seminars Seminar.

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I'd like to know who wrote in those parenthesis. I think we have an over due conversation. Thanks


I work in the Mt Ivy diner and overheard you screaming at a woman a couple of months ago. I was i the other room so I don't know what the dispute was except I saw you standing and yelling at that lady.Someone in the diner recognized you and recorded the whole scene.That woman comes in here frequently and it wan't very nice of you to act like that.You can say anything you want about how good you think you are, but that video says otherwise.


The less people know the louder they know it. I find it fascinating that a woman stalked me(angry because I dated her exboyfriend BEFORE HER), copied what was on a social media site that I wrote, added her own comments after to my blog posts, in the midst of threatening my life and this is the best you all can come up with?

Not one of you know me, have met me, yet you have the time to comment on someone & a classes you know nothing about?

Can you imagine someone having nothing better to do, then stalk someone they don't even know? Great job everyone for buying into it.






I'm 40 years old and have never heard of this group before. Thank God!!

I would probably rather drink the poison cool-aid than go through all that!!



Great job everyone.

There you are, sitting at home on a computer, reading about classes you've NEVER taken, making comments about people you've NEVER met and about blogs you know NOTHING about.

How's that working for you?

It is amazing to me that you all get off on writing mean things especially taking things out of context and on the chance that the woman you are commenting on might just make it back here to read your words. Why bother? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

Anyone want to meet for coffee?

Want to challenge a real human being in a real conversation, face to face?

Let me know the date and time and we'll talk in person.

Other than that, keep on posting about others and things you have no involvement with or idea about. Those with half a clue can read behind the lines and see exactly that, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Have a great day!

Cindy A. Phillips


PSI IS for those who want to excel in their lives, to be more successful in their relationships, to take better care of their bodies . .


Then why are Jane and Jenessa fat?