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I went to the PSI basic 2 weeks ago. These *** prey on the weak minded.

DO NOT go to or send anyone to this that you care for or love. They use meditation to bring about life’s traumatic events, try to break you down, then tell you how awesome you are and that everyone else is ***, then while youre in this broken state, they push you into buying 8k worth of seminars. Don’t drink the koolaid folks, unless you enjoy being mind *** in front of 60 other people. If you really are having a rough time in life, go to a licensed therapist, as then you will get advise on how to cope with your past issues.

This whole thing made me extremely uncomfortable, and I don’t have past issues! One of the younger men who was in my group became very uncomfortable after one of the “diades” they did, he left the seminar and hasn’t been heard from since....scary, mind altering and emotionally damaging *** going on here!

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My fear exactly. My girlfriend obsessively insists that I attend even with financial obligations that make it impractical.

Worst yet, is that I receive the most pressure to attend when she is emotionally overwhelmed during the experience and prodded to get others to join.

Even worst then that is that they restrict others from attending graduations (even loved ones) unless they shell out $600+ to attend the intro basic course. They should be held liable for the stress and consequent damage they cause to relationships for the sake of profit.