I was ripped off by Deanna Nickoloff at the PSI Denver Office. I called to get my money back after attending the basic for two days. What a bunch of BS. After two days I couldn't take any more of these strange people walking around and acting all they are creating there own reality.

I want my money Deanna!!!!! And I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don;t want to hear excuses. I am tired of dealing with you and the next step is calling my lawyer. I can believe someone talked me into taking this ***.

I want my money Deanna. Do you hear me NOW!!!!!!!

Call this woman and complaint. 303-331-8440

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Beaverton, Oregon, United States #936403

Hmmmm.... first of all, PSI Seminars is far from being a cult.




a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

"the cult of St. Olaf" a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. "a network of Satan-worshiping cults" synonyms: sect, denomination, group, movement, church, persuasion, body, faction "a religious cult" a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. "a cult of personality surrounding the leaders" synonyms: obsession with, fixation on, mania for, passion for, idolization of, devotion to, worship of, veneration of "the cult of eternal youth in Hollywood" A cult discourages others from having their own thoughts or living life at their own choosing.

PSI seminars is in complete contrast. You are taught to exercise and take responsibility for the choices you make in life. Clearly, you would have benefited from such because, by not completing the course, a condition of the refund that is made very clear in black and white and in the opening statements of the seminar, YOU gave up your right to a refund. Instead, you have opted to be a victim.

Victor v Victim... another huge lesson learned in the seminars. Which did you choose? PSI Seminars was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.

I created lasting friendships, I learned incredible tools for living my life better and fuller and coaching my kids through life, and I no longer blame others or past events for my life. I own my life and by owning, I am in control of making the changes I need to make to make it better. You see... if you lay the blame outside of yourself, you have relinquished your power to change your circumstance.

You have to wait for someone/something else to do it for you.

Through the work, I've learned I'm capable of anything I CHOOSE to do, and if I succeed or fail, it's all on me... aka, personal responsibility.


Did you call your Lawyer ? Did you got your money back?


Steven Hinton,Penn Grove PEtaluma. cult promoter and false prophet promter is back with Income Builders Forum!

Dan Gibbons cult promoter for PSI Seminars Denver is buddies with another cult promoter from Klemmer and Associates, Steven Hinton, Income builders Forum. so heads up on other cults spinning off, and Steve is reviving Ocean of Experts, another baby cult courtesy of Steve Hinton?

Steve Hinton was Brian Klemmer's side kick, rubbing off on each others snake oil tactics to foll the masses..think it was Steve Hinton, cult promoter, that first called Klemmer and Associates graduates - sheepies, class act eh? And Brian Klemmer loved Steve hinton, till steven Hinton cult promoter cost him money..so much for being a compassioante samurai--Y'all watch out now Klemmer Graduates of personal mastery..you are next to be robbed of your savings in exchange for hope dop@!!!


Yes Don, to have LGATS and cult training companies like PSI seminars and cult companies like Klemmer and asociates face themselves in the mirror is frightening for these cults. cults have us or "them", make their clients wrong, always right and cant practice what they preach but have blind obedience...DON-do you have these traits?

Beware of PSI Seminars Denver, EXPOSE THEM and CULTS like Klemmer and Associates. Dan Gibbons was a budy of Brian Klemmer sent a lot of ISAGENIX downline to Klemmer and Associates Personal Mastery, my review of PSI Basic Seminar and Klemmer and Associates perosnal mastery -CULT 101!

get them in for a low price then jack the price up, get them emotionally addicted, look down on clients and have them enroll for free!! DOOM on you DON



KDVR FOX 31 or CBS Channel 4 please interview Dan Gibbons PSI Seminars cult promoter as to how they turned a singer into a multimillionaire...so the WORLD can duplicate the results from PSI Seminars the cult...or at lest expose the world to how PSI Seminars Cult Graduates/Zombies talk...!!! LOL


Tommy: "Hi everyone, my name is Tommy Incoherent."

Everyone: "Hi, Tommy."

Tommy: "I'm here because I don't know how to write a critique of another poster in a way that makes any logical sense. I have no clue how to quote something they said, using quotation marks, so everything I typed looks like I am saying it. I am also here to defend a cult who thinks that their waiver allows them to kidnap you for 4 full days if you want a refund. I am *** for believing that such a waiver would be legal anywhere, and I am a complete *** for telling someone that they should actually stay for the full 4 days if they immediately realize that they unknowingly signed up for a cult indoctrination session, and now wish to back out of it. My name it Tommy, and I am an ***."

Everyone: "We can see that, Tommy. Please go shoot yourself, cultboy."


Why did you people join a cult in the first place? join the Tea Party, that's a cult that doesn't charge you (note: you are not charged upfront fees by the tea party cult, but you will eventually need to bear the costs of fixing the ruined country, like the costs you are now bearing from the damages the republican cult did to the country --- damages that all the cultists are now blaming on obama).


I find it extremely interesting that these poor victims find this website the most effective route to vent the wrong doings of PSI Seminars. If half of these things were true (which they are not) than I would imagine you would have a lawsuit..


If you have been so victimized why not contact PSI directly? Or the BBB..

according to what I pulled up they have an A+ rating.. I think that it is cowardly and lame that you find it appropriate to slander an amazing woman that you don't even know.


I called Deanna Nickoloff to ask a question before attending the PSI Basic. She never called me back, but in the first few hours of the seminar they went on and on about her intergrity and how she always returns a phone call.

It turned me off from the beginning.

I attended all 4 days of the seminar and did find some value in it, but also regonize that PSI is a for profit machine. I highly doubt the credability of Todd Campbell the speaker in Denver.


Deanna did it to me good! I bent over and she gave it to me HARD...but it didn't feel good. She needs to learn how to DO people, before she starts charging for this painful experience


If you would actually read the enrollement form you signed it clearly states "Attend all 4 days of the basic to get your money back". You said you only went to 2 days, so go ahead and hire your attorney, it wont do any good b/c it is signed by you.

HONESTLY, you sound like the child here, not this deanna person. And let me guess, you are miserable ALL the time and therefor couldnt handle people who are doing something with their lives!


I took the PSI Basic Seminar in September, 2009. First off, You WILL get all your money back.

It says in the registration form, and by the presenters that you must attend all the days to get your money back.

You obviously didn't read that, and NO, it's not in fine-print. You only ripped yourself off because you couldn't handle the truth about yourself.

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