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My wife & I took the basic 15 years ago. We stopped there.

My son in law & daughter took the basic last year and then the 1 week seminar, then each took the 90 day seminar. The in law went and took another 1 week again in the wilderness with dozens of others. I guess they've laid out $10 -$12 K or more. Thing about it is after 20 years of never having any issues with the son in law, during and after all his PSI training he's no longer the same.

Three major family fights with him over his changed disrespectful behavior towards the wife & I have basically made us realize he's been unleashed without proper supervision re-trained to think by PSI teammates of his with no credentials. We're told we must love him unconditionally. What a cop-out for rudeness & ugliness. I blame PSI 100%.

The sad part for my wife & I is 3 grandchildren are involved. The son in law feels uncomfortable around us, we feel the same around him.

Therefore we see very little of the grandkids now. Thank you PSI.

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Regarding the comment above, my family member has turned into an unrecognizable poor excuse of a human being. She demands respect but gives none, screams @ others in restaurants, using profanity...just when she gets back to herself, she goes back to the idiot mind twisters, either gets good poisoning or has another accident. I wish the psi people would be exposed for who & what they are, a bunch of I'll suited *** poor excuses for human beings.


I fear for your grandchildren. The PSI Scam now starts at a very young age - they even offer seminars for children.

I've only been to the basic and saw brainwashed adults bring their teenaged relatives and sign up children under the age of 13 for special seminars. It's very tragic. Some of the people who believe in this stuff become completely cold towards partners and relatives who don't join them in doing PSI. I've heard of relationships being broken up over PSI - to the PSI brainwashed they make themselves believe that those relationships were toxic anyway - when in actuality it's the PSI Scam that is to blame.

I hope to never come across this scam company again and I have warned people I know against going to this seminar.

It's truly terrifying. Good luck and I hope that your daughter and grandchildren can break free from this mess.

to PSIscam #1427894

I agree w the changes that happen to those who go to psi conferences & it is terrifying..the disrespect is unreal. This family member can no longer hold onto a job, thinks she is getting something from psi...they are using her.

How stupid she is. I hope horrible things happen to these psi people.

They do brainwash ...its what they do...they are the most despicable horrid organization going ...their invisibility shows total lack of ethics. I wonder who really runs it...probably some piece of poop loser who spread *** like it's candy.


Can you please send me an email.

I just had the same thing happen to me and I'm trying to get more answers.

to Jorge #1427898

Jorge, there are no answers dealing w invisible mentality. I wish Dr Phil would do a show.

It's a mess.

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