Does PSI Seminars take advantage of vulnerable people & encourage them to spend money they can't afford?

Absolutely!!!! The first thing we would like is for everyone to spend their entire life savings on PSI Seminars. We've heard thousands of stories of this and it's very unfortunate; for them. Not for us.

That said, we ask people for their financial statements and we do run credit checks on everyone who attends. We do that so we know you can afford these classes. That way we know we're gong to get paid. If your credit card runs through, that's the end of it "” just like any other business. Once you get back you can't get a refund because you paid with your card and we already obtained the money. The credit card company laugh at you when you paid for this class and returned unsatisfied. Remember; we're dealing with immature, irresponsible adults here. We don't expect people to be able to make their own decisions and we brainwash them into believing they made the right decision whether this is something they can afford or not. We don't care as long as we get your money.

We encourage people to purchase these courses without telling their spouse, that way we can get them in separately and make even more money. Whether or not this is a problem is really on a case-by-case basis; we just don't care. If each spouse makes their own money, and that money is within that spouse's "discretionary spending", then what's the problem? No problem for us. We don't care. On the other hand, if the spouse is dipping into shared money for something for themselves, then of course it's still not our problem. It's yours. If they're spending money without telling their spouse, they're probably doing it on other things as well, and it's a much bigger problem, and we still don't care. This is, of course, one of the reasons we highly encourage couples to take the courses so they have no one to blame but themselves.

That said, we do see PSI Seminars as an investment for us; the Whillites. Many of our attendees end up experiencing financial burdens as a result of the changes they make in their lives. Between the divorce rates and the return business with our grads we are making a lot of money. Or we were before the internet and complaint boards. Too bad for us. This is putting a dent in the business. But we can always change our name and start again. Then reality hits and people walk. Others see increased depression and are not satisfied with their lives and started posting on blogs like this one complaining they were ***. The satisfaction for us come from knowing we did the best we could to get all your money and leave you broke. And the beauty of it is you can complain but you would only look *** to your family and friends; more so than you're already are. And that's impossible to put a price tag on.

Review about: Psi Seminars Seminar.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Whoever this is you do not make much sense, I have attended all the courses PSI offers and would recommend them to anyone who has the desire to be a better version of themselves. I've tripled my income as a result of tools I learned and People I met in the classes.

Maybe you haven't used what you learned in the class and should spend more time reflecting on that instead of writing posts portraying your opinion as fact. PSI seminars have had a positive impact on more lives than you have, I'm sure.


Jane is a smart business person. She was best man to Bruce conching at his wedding to Janet Henze Conching McCoy and who knows how many other men., an employee of PSI, Bruce Conching did coke happily while promoteing psi seminars in Los Angeles, unknown or in denial by his wife Janet Henze.

Bruce started "stealing" from PSI seminar students to go to his recycled pop mumbo jumbo and Jane Fired Bruce conching...Jane may be a pimp but she takes care of business !!! Even if she was their best"man"!! Unconditional Love at PSI Seminars!!!

win -win as long as you are making money for PSI !! Janet McCoy Janet Conching JAnet Henze then went to work for Klemmer and associates,petaluma cult, to peddle her brand of "how to be in a relationship and be in self denial of your busband's coke habits" Janet Henze has coaching business out of foothill ranch Janet Henze Enterprices LLC - LOL- if you want to be in self denial...get coached by Janet Henze Samurai Camp coach for Klemmer and Associates

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