I took the Basic in 2015, the life success course in early 2016 and WLS in late 2016. I am still married to my husband, and we have a great relationship even though he had not taken any of the PSI courses.

PSI was hard, very hard. It helped me take a good look at myself. I had some very hard lessons to learn about who I was when I took it, & why I was that way. I finished, I got home and I stopped seeing my therapist as my depression and anxiety were no longer an issue.

I have found that my relationships have all improved, my business life has improved. I have improved as a person. I am a better me. The course NEVER tells anyone to leave their significant others, they never tell people to leave anyone behind.

Like I said - my husband has not taken it and we are great. I have many friends who have not taken it, and we are still friends. Each individual is responsible for his/her actions no course can take that away from them. PSI is a seminar.

You pay money, you attend then class, & experience it in your way. I have not been asked for money, I have not been forced to be a prominent part of the community.

Not a cult, it is a seminar. I am very happy that I chose to invest the time and money in myself.

Review about: Psi Seminars Wls Seminar.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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