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Cults attract three different kinds of people. A few see immediately that there's money to be made from it while others are idealistic, looking for the answers to life. But the vast majority are experiencing a trauma, such as redundancy or a relationship break-up, at the time they're recruited. The fact is, cults prey on the vulnerable.

For me, it started when my friend Keith rang to say he'd found something that transformed his life. He was bubbling with excitement. He'd been separated from his wife the year before and gone through a really bad patch, so the sudden change in his outlook was quite a surprise. He was very mysterious - all he'd say was that he could show me something that would make every aspect of my life better.

Things weren't going that well for me at the time. My business had been badly hit by the recession and I was arguing constantly with my boyfriend Alex. If you're feeling down and someone offers you a magic formula promising emotional happiness, it's bound to be tempting. By the end of the phone call I was intrigued.

Next time we met, Keith was glowing with happiness. He still refused to tell me his secret, but handed me a book and said I'd find spiritual fulfilment by reading it. The book was really boring but I quickly got into the habit of reading a couple of pages a night to put me to sleep. The odd thing was, by the time I'd waded halfway through, the rest of the book suddenly seemed gripping. I didn't realise that the indoctrination process had already started. Keith knew I was upset about the way things were going with Alex, so one night he offered to 'audit' me to make me feel better. Auditing is the technical term used by the cult to describe the process of hypnosis. You are made to look at the ceiling while the other person counts from one to seven. Eventually you slip into a trance and are completely suggestible. Then the auditor leads you into talking about your past. The danger is that any personal information you disclose is likely to be used against you in the future.

I began talking about my father's death years ago. Tears were pouring down my face and I couldn't understand why Keith wasn't comforting me. Later I discovered that the committed rarely display sympathy or compassion. Showing emotion is frowned upon.

By the end of my audit I felt euphoric. That moment of elation becomes addictive. I'd never been addicted to anything in my life, but I found myself craving that high, wanting to feel it again. Keith kept telling me I'd never be happy unless I joined the cult. Gradually I started to believe him. I convinced myself that joining would resolve all the problems with Alex.

From the moment I showed a flicker of interest, the pressure to join was relentless. Keith persuaded me to take a personality test at the headquarters. The tests are evaluated by a member but the scores are deliberately low in order to convince people they need to improve certain aspects of their personality. Cults find the problem in your life then home in on it. The man who evaluated me looked at me as if I was a horrible person with a hopeless future.

When a friend told me to have nothing to do with the cult I ended up arguing with her, telling her she didn't know what she was talking about. Like everyone else involved, I didn't realise I was being sucked in. The recruiting methods are very subtle. To me, they were just a group of people trying to achieve their maximum potential - and who wanted to help me achieve mine.

Gradually it began to dominate my whole life. I worked every morning and then went to the mission each afternoon to study. If I didn't turn up, someone would phone to check up on me. We got points for the hours we spent studying and the number of books we sold to potential members. They ran lots of self-improvement courses and I borrowed UKP2,000 so I could sign up for nine of them. Each course promises to take you one step further 'up the bridge' of transforming your whole life. People spend a fortune on them. Some of the advanced courses cost up to UKP27,000.

The techniques used can be very frightening. The aim of the 'purification course' is to clear your body of toxins. You take a huge dose of vitamins, up to 30 pills a day. Afterwards you run around for hours, then you have to sit in a sauna for ages with only a few minutes break every hour. I had to come out because I couldn't stand the heat and the supervisor was over in a flash, making me feel like a total failure.

The training routine involved sitting opposite someone for up to an hour with your eyes closed. If you moved, you had to start again. It was supposed to teach us discipline. There were also sessions where you had to listen to someone insult you. I had a man telling me I was a fat, ugly pygmy. The purpose was to teach us not to react when anyone told us anything unpleasant in the future. It also ensured that when people outside criticised the cult, you could ignore their comments. You end up programmed into a certain 'mindset' that prevents you questioning any information that's negative towards the cult. I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

My personal life had degenerated into chaos by now. Alex wanted nothing to do with my new friends and our relationship had begun to deteriorate. I'd begun using all the cult buzzwords and he couldn't understand anything I said. I talked about nothing apart from how wonderful the group was and how he'd never achieve anything unless he got involved too. The more Alex told me how worried he was, the more I ranted at him.

My mother and sister were shocked and devastated by the change in me. We argued every time we spoke to one another on the phone. I'd never hung up on my sister before, but now her warnings made me so angry I could hardly speak to her.

By now I was trying to convert everyone I cared about. I wanted all my family and friends to join in so they could improve their lives too. If anyone mentioned they were having relationship difficulties or feeling low, I rammed the cult down their throat. The few friends I was still in touch with began to give me a wide berth and Alex and I started seeing even less of each other. I was having it drummed into me that unless Alex joined too, the gulf between us would only get wider. Although I still loved him, I reconciled myself to our relationship ending.

Because being a member of a cult slowly alienates you from everyone you care about outside, there was a great feeling of 'us' and 'them'. Members believe in reincarnation and their perception of people on the outside is that they're caught in a descending spiral and will probably come back as an insect or something equally lowly in the next life. We were encouraged to associate only with other members.

Although I never saw anyone being PHYSICALLY abused, if you lived in and didn't sell enough books or recruit enough people you were put on 'lower conditions'. Those on lower conditions wore blue overalls, only got rice and beans for supper, weren't allowed to speak unless spoken to and had to do menial jobs, like cleaning the loos. The punishment could last for anything up to a month at a time.

For the last few months of my involvement, I saw everything in terms of the cult. If I had a good day at work, I felt grateful to it. If I had a bad day, I felt it was a punishment for not studying enough. I was on the brink of selling my business and signing up to work full time at the cult's headquarters when my family intervened.

Everything happened very quickly one weekend when I went to stay with my sister. The cult had already drilled me on how to handle family objections, but my sister and mother had planned things meticulously. They'd researched everything and had collected more than 40 newspaper articles. They also had videos of two documentaries exposing cults.

At first I got angry with them because they refused to listen to me. But my sister just kept telling me how much they loved me. That threw me and I started to cry. Mum begged me to watch the videos so I could make up my own mind. I'd been instructed by the cult to find out where my family got any negative information and then report back, so I agreed to take a look. Even though I thought it was all a pack of lies, I started to watch the videos.

Ten minutes later I could hardly look at the screen. There was so much damning evidence it was impossible to ignore. I kept thinking, 'Why have all these people who were once so senior left the cult?' By the time I'd watched both videos and read all the articles my mindset was breaking down. I recognised that my mother and sister weren't evil - they loved me. All the negative things I was seeing and hearing about cults began to sink in.

I sat down with my family at 6pm and we stayed up all night. By nine the next morning I knew I wasn't going back. I had it easier than most because I didn't live in. I just ran away and I haven't heard from them since. There's still plenty of time though. My entire life had been turned upside down in a matter of months, and I needed weeks of counselling to help me recover. But cults often work very hard to ensure their members DON'T find out the real facts. You're actively discouraged from reading newspapers or watching TV.

With hindsight, I regret the day I ever became involved. Now I can't see a single benefit, although at the time I thought it would make everything perfect. Every aspect of my life was affected. I became far more aggressive, I nearly lost my business, I'm still in debt and, worst of all, I hurt the people I love most in the world... all because of the cult.

It's only two months since I left and my life is getting better every day. My relationship with my family is stronger than ever. Alex and I are still together and the whole experience has brought us a lot closer - we hardly row at all. I've thrown myself back into my business and hope to expand next year. When I first came out I had a choice: to close the door and keep quiet or speak out. It took me five minutes to make up my mind. It's always at the back of my mind that the cult will use the personal information I disclosed against me or that my family will be harassed. But I came so close to destroying myself and my family that I'd do anything to prevent someone else doing the same.

It's so easy to be duped. The members seem so positive at first, the word cult is never mentioned. Then, before you know it, you're giving up everything that matters. You probably think it could never happen to you - I know I did. But there are a lot of intelligent women in the cult who thought they knew better, too.

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Why do these LGATs like PSI Seminars and Klemmer and Associates in Durango, CO pretend to care about customer "feedback", when all they want "customers" to do is go out and enroll more people, and pay for the next class?

The latest scam from Klemmer and Associates is a "survey" to help generate growth ideas for that company, all the while, the survey questions have an assumptive, guided questions vs open ended in search of ideas!! LOL Klemmer Leadership is so inept its borderline criminal !!

If you really care about rewarding me for taking the time out for your cheesy kindergarten level survey, pls be sure to ask for my email or phone number so you can send me a reward. IS Klemmer and associates ready for prime time corporate seminars...LOL , take a look at your instructors and graduates/customers.

Will Hewlett Packard really hire Scott or Krystal for their executives?

LOL, Klemmer and associates is a scam created by Brian Klemmer riding on his West Point Credentials ( Pssst he was not in the top 20 of his class ), to fool network marketers and part with their money.....Silly LGATs.

Brian Klemmer learned well from PSI Seminars and the genetics of his flawed character is now being passed on and acted out by Krystal and Kimberly ...as Trump would say, SAD!!


That's what happened to my daughter. Arguing, nasty, it's a nightmare

@Sarah Smart

Warn Everyone Sarah Smart - These "personal development" seminars like PSI and Klemmer and Associates are cults in disguise. The Graduates of Klemmer and Associates are long on awareness ( as in highly aware of others that fall short of an ideal ) and short on performance and value for society. Klemmer Samurai graduates sound intelligent and aware, but ask them what great leaps of value have they offered society other than a mouth piece for a Klemmer cult?


We are from Waipahu on Oahu, my family went thru something similar. Our youngest and some friends just went to Klemmer’s Heart of Samurai.

We have both PSI and Klemmer Grad in our family and community. Some benefitted , eventuall all went back to their old ways.

The Klemmer Seminars are just TOO EXPENSIVE, can do a LARGE amount of GOOD with a smaller price, but Klemmer leadership are greedy.

They need to come to my Church - we are farmers out here. I would not pay for any of my family to go and would discourage all to attend either PSI seminars or Klemmer and Associates the cult.


Yo BrianDaimyo - Did Klemmer upset you in the past? Did your spouse leave you or what after that Culty Advanced Leadership ?

Or did bowing to receive your samurai sword turn you off ?

In the meantime any Klemmer grad is welcome to attend the PSI Basic in Denver or Las Vegas or LA, we have it every 6 weeks.

Our PLD kicks butt and a bad PLD team does at least 2 coffees/workshops a week, not 1 a month like Samurais. We have a balance of men and women in leadership positions in the office and our civic projects are year round.

We do potlucks and we have a Teen Camp. The leadership at PSI has been around for over 40 years, oldest personal potential movement company .

We have offices in over 5 states and Canada, with full time staff, real leases no one works at home.

And we have a ranch.




Yup, no cult promoter for Klemmer and associates or PSI Seminars need to be out there promoting their nonsense. Neither PSI nor Klemmer are highly rated and those who are one step away from some life breakdown attend those. Can't imagine PSI seminars or Klemmer and Associates, the baby cult, doing well, ironic when economy is booming!


Hello K&A troll: PSI Seminars could be doing better, but I daresay we are doing better than Klemmer Klan.

Our instructors have more experience than Klemmer.

PSI, unlike Klemmer and associates, does not prey on Christians and take advantage of their naive gullibility and tendency to believe whatever the pastor says.

We do straight up enrollment, none of that come ski and snowmobile up in the mountains. The singles enjoy the mixers, and the leadership classes take the lead. We continue to do community work where our graduates live, outside of the seminars unlike the token Project Mercy and whatever PR Klemmer Samurais can milk out of that experience.

We are very experienced in Canada, and know the ins and outs of working there, not hiding behind network marketing companies or their ex-associates.

We put money into a ranch and we pay benefits and have a 401(k) for our employees, vs Krystal Zellmer's trust fund or siphoned off by "Knowledge in Action" LLC. Wink wink Roma.

PSI World's philanthropic efforts are world class, though we have room for improvement.

We have plenty of instructors for depth. For example, we dont worry if someone wants to attend a beauty pageant or model their latest designer wear or suffer some mid-life crisis and be a Mrs.Mom of Tijuana or Durango. Yup, PSI Seminars is being it.

We gave Klemmer a job when he got out of the army, where would he be now if he had stayed in the army? Vietnam?


Hi ME! PLD minimum enrollment goal is 2/month for the 3 month program.

We have them in every city or we have PSI Reps. You can make extra income being a PSI rep

Not sure what Klemmer and Associates does to goose the class size, but if quality time in winter snow boarding or snowmobiling turns your grad base on go for it.

Has Klemmer and Associates retreated to the hills of colorado and the wind swept plains of the mid-west? Cant imagine snowmobiling as much of an incentive for Klemmer Cult types.

PSI and our singles energy makes it!

Cater to human basic emotions that consistently brings out the best....of course we are sure that Klemmer Samurais and their 10 compassionate traits can do better, right?

Except we cannot see Klemmer CULT Seminar Results!!

Just a blog post about time to "hibernate" in winter..LOL A world that works with no one left out while Klemmer CULT Leadership Training in Durango hits the SNOOZE button for the winter. Just call it for what it is ladies - " NO ONE WANTS TO BUILD A CHAMPIONS WORKSHOP so spin it as TAKE TIME OUT IN WINTER"- PSI Seminars taught Klemmer everything we know, guess Klemmer never passed it on to his kids...arent you all suffering in silence now?


Yes they are liars, horrible, disgusting liars...if you found that much out, be grateful because not getting angry leaves you their continuing victim


I know all about your ranch, about how several people get foid poisoning, about how you pipe subliminal messages in while people sleep. About how when the leave, thete are numerous car accidents, about the sexual promiscuity of your filth....I hope y'all get caught before anyone else dies.

You are a bunch of sociopaths who prey on the human minds if innocent victims

You're gonna get caught.

Infiltrators have gotten in. Haha

@Sarah Smart

Head of Klemmer, K. Zink.

She is amazing and I wish her the best. She has been through too much. Link to her son.

Find Christ, skip this stuff. https://durangoherald.com/articles/239250


Acosta - Zdolec - Rathie - Almdal on Klemmer's Google reviews really did that Klemmer Cult a favor by Exposing Klemmer and associates thru their reviews.

With these Compassionate Samurais - you dont even have to offer them cheese to walk into a mouse trap....Klemmer's Samurais are that easily taken.

Boom - Kimbely Zink leading a small group of *** over there at Klemmer and Associates Cult Exposed and going down...How big is that Personal Mastery Class?


Graduates of Brian Klemmer and Kimberly Zink's Advanced Leadership LGAT CULT training just show how "brainwashed" they have been with their reviews of Klemmer and Associates. The reviews are even more culty and *** than before.

Klemmer and Associates of Petaluma google reviews give high marks for " THE WORK ", " ONE REALLY GETS THE TEACHINGS", "Kimberly Zink is a leader of leaders, " A POWERFUL TOOL IN RECOVERY from PTSD"

What is Klemmer's "The work" - that is Exactly how LIFESPRING, LANDMARK, PSI SEMINARS, refer to their trainings as "THE WORK".

Klemmer and Associates has finally joined the big leagues of CULTS and LGATS.

Classic example of Klemmer's ignorant, culty, compassionate samurai falling on their own words, worldview, and seminar laden vocabulary unable to relate to the world.


For all those in Chuck and Coach Janet Henze downline at Take Shape for Life, please be careful what personal information you are sharing with them as it regard to your nutrition program.

Janet Henze was a cult promoter for PSI Seminars and a cult promoter facilitator for Klemmer and Associates - she has leaked client private and confidential information while at both LGAT seminars.

She is also a coach for these LGAT Seminars for over 30 years.

Her evaluation and "people read" of you becomes her source of Manipulation.

After 3 marriages, cannot say this coach gets it about much of anything other than a happy face and a phony ,,"you are great". Be careful of Janet Henze coach for Take shape for life!!


The trick to these cult like methods used by Klemmer Leadership and Psi Seminars is in the loaded language, the depress/liberate of guilt etc from the exercises like Red and Black Game.

In Fact Brian Klemmer, founder of Klemmer and Associates so loved the Red/black game it became the colors of the logo for Klemmer and Associates.

Imagine !!

Though Brian Klemmer left PSI Seminars in various stages of unresolved "3R" - Resentment , Resistance , Revenge - and set up his competing company Klemmer an Associates, also labeled a cult, ....because he never did resolve nor minimize some the LGAT exercises in Klemmer's Advanced Leadership now facilitated by Kimberly Zink.

Be careful of these seminars, especially what you "share " about your personal life to the facilitator, the volunteer staff, the feelings of trust are fleeting. Ask Janet Henze and Centa Terry how many personal stories were leaked from Klemmer's Samurai Camp...what was once confidential is no more....

Janet Henze, is now a coach for Take Shape for Life - what stories did you share with Janet all you Samurai Camp Graduates and PSI PLD players?

Did anyone sign confidentiality agreements or just "verbal".

Beware of LGATs and those who promote them - your personal secrets are their leverage to "enroll" you to do what benefits them...


Sad that people are still falling for these LGATS like PSI Seminars, Klemmer Workshops, Impact Training etc a whole list of them out there preying on church goers, mlm types and those that like to "join groups"

Facilitators may or may not be not licensed, please check before you buy, and see if other social organizations or mental health professionals can help. T

These LGAT type Seminar "leadership" and "Growth" , "Experiential" seminars like PSI and Klemmer, have a mixed record, no matter what their backgrounds, the question is - Is it right for you in your current situation? Our lives are "experiential lessons" and everyday we learn something, why would you TRUST strangers with exercises in seminars that have proven to be dubious and emotionally disturbing like "red and black game", "samurai game", "life boat" etc?

Please do your homework and good luck on your journey!


Looks like Klemmer and Associates picked a great place for Personal Mastery and Champions Workshop in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Here is what the New Yorker, July 2017 issue on "How Trump is transforming Rural America" , described Grand Junction.

"lost 11% of workforce between 2009-2014, ave family income is $10K less that the state average, residents of Mesa County kill themselves at 2.5X of the nation, slow to embrace other sectors...school district ranked 171 out of 178 in the state for funding per student , 1.15 deputies per 1000 residents vs the state average of 2.28"

Interesting reading - maybe there was a reason that Klemmer and Associates moved to Grand Junction, CO. Finally figured out their customers or a great place for re-branding a disgraced Klemmer brand??


Grand junction is ripe with depressed people based on that New Yorker article. Maybe these companies like Klemmer Associates know their customers, more than they let on!


Klemmers's leader lives in Colorado. I worked for them for a year.

I was one of three they hired that didnt go through the training. We were all fired. The Office Manager was abusive, would intentionally bring her employees to tears (brainwash) on a regular basis, and one of the statements I will always remember from Kim-Michelle "We don't want any man energy in here"..Look at the employees...NO MEN. The other fraud that was perpetrated involved Brian Klemmer and his books, and his "Best Sellers" He asked all employees to max out their credit cards to purchase his books and then he would pay us back.

He asked many Klemmer grads as well. We had piles and piles of his so called sold books at the office.

Major scam that showed the true man, or lack of a man he really was. It was horrible there...