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1/10 ign not worth. Shamed me for going to the bathroom when I had Hepatitis B and extreme bowl movement.

Spent 45 minutes on the toilet passing a kidney stone.

When I got back, they complained that the toilet smelled like *** and played victim even though they wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. Not worth, I hope I get a refund.

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You are a victim. What about coming from a place of Responsible. Get real.


Psi holds individuals capable of creating their own experience. Interesting people are having issues with being pissed quite literally. It might be time for deeper reflection and more open-mindedness.

to Anonymous #1401121

And you just might be open minded and hold the possibility that PSI Seminars is a cult by the way they behave to others and not interpret facts in a way that you can no longer think for yourself? PIsSED CONSUMER is great as it lets the little guy voice an ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINT to the initiated.

to Anonymous #1402837

Yes, you are so right. PSI Seminars is quite capable of sucking up your cash while you wallow in your new found awareness and staring at your BS plaque.

PSI Grads are not capable of been hired, have someone invest in their companies and basically fit for polishing chrome on an old rolls royce.


Review PSI Seminars and "Klemmer and Associates Personal Mastery" online, both are derived from Large Group Awareness Trainings ( LGAT ). Google the following to educate yourself on how damaging and manipulative these "Personal Development Seminars" can be :


Confessions of a Cult leader Lifestream

Washington Post article - Cried enough to fill a glass

Families Against cult Teachings - they have a pending action on PSI Seminars


Yo i totally agree I suffer from Malaria as I flew from Zimbabwe to take this course and it hurt so much not being able to pee. They don't even give dinner breaks, so I had even more to eat back in Zimbabwe. I would rather starve at home than here

to Please_send_water #1385201

GImmie a break!!!! You obviously were not in any shape to attend and when they laid out the hours and ground rules to you you probably should have thought of that and decided to attend at another time.

to Anonymous #1385240

How do you expect me to give you a break when they barely gave me any

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