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PSI is a cult which robs people who feel empty of their hard earned money.

My best friend was going through a very difficult spot in her marriage. We had just finished dinner at a very expensive restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ when a sharply dressed and attractive man flirted with us. My friend was at a vulnerable spot and even though I insisted we were leaving, he followed us to an event we were attending at a local resort. He then proceeded to flirt and begin the seduction of my friend. He did this in spite of my telling him she was still married, still working on her marriage with her husband, and in very vulnerable and hurt emotional state.

My instant dislike of this man, Brett Williams, evolved into revulsion over the next few weeks as I watched him prey upon my friend's vulnerability. He used his 'enlightened spiritual state of mind' to sexually and emotionally manipulate my friend into a relationship with him. He then proceeded to convince her that she would find the spiritual answers and peace she was looking for if she would sign up and take PSI classes. He worked(s) for PSI and I assume made a percentage of the tens of thousands of dollars he convinced her to fork over to this sham of an organization.

A month after meeting Mr. Williams, my friend told me she had purchased a class for me and wanted me to attend a seminar with her. I agreed as I was completely unfamiliar with what went on at a PSI seminar.

The classes lasted ALL day long, not ending until midnight. I thought this was a bit extreme but they market it as being time sensitive for busy professionals. They held the seminar in a packed ballroom of about 200 professionals. The first thing that bothered me was that they locked the doors. Then the speaker got up and went into his charming and carsalesmanesque pitch for PSI. He went on and on about how PSI had so greatly changed his life. The only credentials he seemed to have though, which he touted as if it was a PhD, was that he had attended the highest level of PSI. Within the first 15 minutes of his Buy More PSI Classes seminar, he asked everyone in the room to stand. He then told everyone they need to swear outloud that they would come for all three of the 12 hour sessions and not miss any for any reason. He asked anyone not willing to swear to stay the entire time to remain standing and for everyone else to sit. He then humiliated and belittled the one man who stayed standing because he was unwilling to give his word he'd stay when we were in the first 15 mins and he had no idea what would take place. He also asked him to immediately leave.

That is a tactic used by cults to make others feel afraid of humiliation and lesser for not being like the rest of the group. The exercise which followed next was for the entire room of people to be put in a trancelike meditative state for and hour in which they were told to put PSI as a priority above all else. The next exercise was for everyone to move away from any friends or loved ones they had come with, sit with strangers, and role play. I found all of these to be typical of an organization who is attempting to indoctrinate individuals into their way of thinking.

I found the experience to be religion with no higher power or motive. I also saw it as a cult in which they are trying to get their hands on as much of your money as possible. They prey on those in who are searching emotionally and spitiually. I found it to be blatant and disgusting and wanted no part of it after the first class.

My poor friend however, continued to be duped by these people and, as far as I'm concerned, ripped of to the tune of thousands of additional dollars.

My advise to all is that any organization who tells you to mindlessly follow them and pay for the privilege is of no lasting benefit. Real spiritual change comes from an inner desire and work towards enlightenment and primarily an active and unconditional love of others around you.

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Review about: Psi Seminars Seminar.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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CultBuster: Steve Hinton with Council on Leadership has his own LGAT type cult training in San Luis Obispo - called "Briefing", "Basecamp", "Ascent Leadership" down in San Luis Obispo.No idea who taught him how to facilitate since he got canned around 2009, maybe he is hiring Klemmer's out of work facilitators like John Edwards?

I can hear the lawsuits coming at Council on Leadership with Steve Hinton, give it less than 18 months.

There is absolutely nothing that Steve Hinton knows about Entrepreneurship, small business or social entrepreneurship. Sooner he finds some snake oil, or aloe lotion to peddle the better the citizens of SLO and Agape Church are from this guy.

Yo Steve Hinton - still working at 65?

Didnt find that abundance you were promoting at Klemmer and Associates from Petaluma did you?What a nightmare to be peddling at that age....try door to door yet?


"Families Against Cult Teachings" F.A.C.T has a complaint filed against PSI Seminars.Looking for backup on financial exploitation or multi-level marketing as a result of their "LGAT Trainings".

Could Klemmer and Associates and their #1 charlatan cult peddler, Steve Hinton with Council on Leadership be next?

If you have legitimate complaints and concerns , you all might want to contact F.A.C.T. Find out from them if Klemmer and Associates is a Cult or Scam or Neither?

Would not listen to what Klemmer blog or any company's version - ask the Cult experts.

Klemmer and Associates has a focus on Direct Sellers / Multi-level companies like USANA in Ontario, Canada and HQ in Durango, CO .

Brian Klemmer's ex-business partner, Steve Hinton is based in Paso Robles or San Luis Obispo with Council on Leadership.

What is with these seminar training companies like Klemmer and Associates, PSI Seminars, Council on Leadership - that have the Leadership - Church - Multi-level marketing loop tied into personal growth/development and LGATs?

Just ***, leadership training over time done well is honorable.What leadership training is reality based when you are locked up in a seminar room for hours with the facilitator knowing what is happening etc with "Samurai and Life boat" Games?


Steve Hinton, ex-cult promoter from Klemmer and associates, now with Council on leadership has is own LGAT now. Those who are considering going to Council on Leadership's "Intentional Living" or "Base Camp" be forewarned. 3 tips before you take Steve Clinton, council on leadership classes in San Luis Obispo:

1) Verify that what he claims about his accomplishments is true - ask for prove that he actually build to a certian size , certian companies, then call these companies

2) Why was Steve Hinton known as a "Cult Promoter" now with Council on Leadershiip

3) Be careful what you share with Steve Hinton, check out his reviews at cult education forum and what his own family has to say about Steve Clinton - Council on Leadership

Consumer BEWARE, all church goers and direct sellers in San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach Morro Bay, Santa Maria Area - beware the cult in your midst.


Is that the same Steve Hinton, Council on Leadership, ex-VP and Partner at Klemmer and Associates that is teaming up with San Luis Obispo Agape Church for Hinton's own view of LGATs?The spinoffs continue...PSI Seminars gives Birth to Klemmer and Associates, Klemmer and Associates gives birth to Council on Leadership.

Both Klemmer and Associates and Council on Leadership has this suspicious and annoying habit of teaming up with churches....what is in it for these LGAT seminars such as the Council on Leadership's "Base Camp"

Church goers in San Luis Obispo, especially Agape Church, beware of Council on Leadership's "Levels of participation" into Steve Hinton's membership site. At this day and age, Steve Hinton - Chairman and Facilitator at Council on Leadership has a "Content Membership" site - good grief. Did Council on Leadership start in the Maldives then incorporated in Dallas?

At this day and age Steve Hinton of Council on Leadership is peddling a content membership site...MUAHAHAHA, guess he got left behind after Steve Hinton got booted out of Klemmer and Associates.

Residents of Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria - beware of Council on Leadership ask good questions before you buy ANYTHING from Steve Hinton. Here is the "Pitch from Steve Hinton - your life can work a lot better, you dont have to be broke to be fixed, if you cant afford my workshops, thats definitely a sign you need to buy my workshops, you are not hearing me and...

you and your relationship are both not seeing your life clearly and you need new cheap Ray Bans.Council on Leadership can offer you an opportunity to explore and find out whats not working...then I can up sell you more content and experiential exercises to help with what is not working, you can always choose..we lay the foundation at base camp then we build challenges over the famous "90-day program" to help you reach your summit. Seriously dude...Steve Hinton with Council on Leadership...turn yourself in before the Attorney General comes knocking on your door...and what is this Steve Hinton with the California State Licensing Board and your past in Construction?? Brian Klemmer knew about your past and still hired you, because he was going to turn you loose on to direct sellers, and network marketers , always looking for "the secret".

Dig harder into ethics and character before you buy from Steve Hinton Council on Leadership.Buyer Beware, sorry your church got involved with Steve Hinton.

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Watch out for Steve Hinton, Council on Leadership, is here with his own LGAT training called "Base Camp". Whether these"graduates" come out with cult like tendencies time will tell.

Steve Hinton was the chief "snake oil/3 R" cult peddler for Klemmer and Associates and one of the cause of its implosion among church goers and direct sellers..

Guess what, Steve Hinton Council on Leadership is collaborating with a San Luis Obispo Church...Why are some people so predictable?


I have completed PSI seminar courses and signed my parents into the basic course.My life has changed for the better ( I just purchased my second property, well on my way to financial freedom using the tools they thought me), my relationship with my parents, gf and sister is on another level.

We communicate and make decisions so much better.

PSI Seminar is a MUST.

FYI I don't work or I am affiliate with them.I am just a graduate and that was my honest simple truth.

Tracy, California, United States #1229160

I have multiple friends who have attended PSI seminars and they loved it.I've heard nothing but rave reviews about it and these people are doing great in business and relationships now.

One of these friends that went was going thought a difficult transition in life that was affecting his marriage. He attended PSI and he said it totally changed his perspective and he was able to move out of this difficult transition and this change in perspective has mended his marriage. I'm now signed up to go next month to PSI because of the great experiences my friends have had.

Yes you have to pay for the seminars but that's up to you and how many you want to attend.i have heard nothing but great things and saw great results from the people who attended, so I would recommend.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #1167795

Perception is interesting.

California, United States #870529

I had a friend who recently posted on facebook that she was beginning her journey with PSI.I called her to tell her of the details that I know about it.

I told her that from what I hear, there is a lot of communication directed to people, during the "seminars," that make you upset, angry, cry, etc. She says, "Oh, I like that kind of thing."

Is it really sensible to pay money to an organization that stirs your emotions on a degrading level such as this? REALLY??? Give the money to me...I'll berade you!

Just kidding.I would never want to do that to anyone for any amount of money.

People make their own choices, but it makes no sense to me.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia #870127

YES THEY ARE DISGUSTING...I had a 2 day course with PSI..

after the first day my family and I left and never came back.. I felt violated...

I want everyone to know they are greedy, horrible human beings who groom their prey into submission..DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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