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PSI is a cult which robs people who feel empty of their hard earned money.

My best friend was going through a very difficult spot in her marriage. We had just finished dinner at a very expensive restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ when a sharply dressed and attractive man flirted with us. My friend was at a vulnerable spot and even though I insisted we were leaving, he followed us to an event we were attending at a local resort. He then proceeded to flirt and begin the seduction of my friend. He did this in spite of my telling him she was still married, still working on her marriage with her husband, and in very vulnerable and hurt emotional state.

My instant dislike of this man, Brett Williams, evolved into revulsion over the next few weeks as I watched him prey upon my friend's vulnerability. He used his 'enlightened spiritual state of mind' to sexually and emotionally manipulate my friend into a relationship with him. He then proceeded to convince her that she would find the spiritual answers and peace she was looking for if she would sign up and take PSI classes. He worked(s) for PSI and I assume made a percentage of the tens of thousands of dollars he convinced her to fork over to this sham of an organization.

A month after meeting Mr. Williams, my friend told me she had purchased a class for me and wanted me to attend a seminar with her. I agreed as I was completely unfamiliar with what went on at a PSI seminar.

The classes lasted ALL day long, not ending until midnight. I thought this was a bit extreme but they market it as being time sensitive for busy professionals. They held the seminar in a packed ballroom of about 200 professionals. The first thing that bothered me was that they locked the doors. Then the speaker got up and went into his charming and carsalesmanesque pitch for PSI. He went on and on about how PSI had so greatly changed his life. The only credentials he seemed to have though, which he touted as if it was a PhD, was that he had attended the highest level of PSI. Within the first 15 minutes of his Buy More PSI Classes seminar, he asked everyone in the room to stand. He then told everyone they need to swear outloud that they would come for all three of the 12 hour sessions and not miss any for any reason. He asked anyone not willing to swear to stay the entire time to remain standing and for everyone else to sit. He then humiliated and belittled the one man who stayed standing because he was unwilling to give his word he'd stay when we were in the first 15 mins and he had no idea what would take place. He also asked him to immediately leave.

That is a tactic used by cults to make others feel afraid of humiliation and lesser for not being like the rest of the group. The exercise which followed next was for the entire room of people to be put in a trancelike meditative state for and hour in which they were told to put PSI as a priority above all else. The next exercise was for everyone to move away from any friends or loved ones they had come with, sit with strangers, and role play. I found all of these to be typical of an organization who is attempting to indoctrinate individuals into their way of thinking.

I found the experience to be religion with no higher power or motive. I also saw it as a cult in which they are trying to get their hands on as much of your money as possible. They prey on those in who are searching emotionally and spitiually. I found it to be blatant and disgusting and wanted no part of it after the first class.

My poor friend however, continued to be duped by these people and, as far as I'm concerned, ripped of to the tune of thousands of additional dollars.

My advise to all is that any organization who tells you to mindlessly follow them and pay for the privilege is of no lasting benefit. Real spiritual change comes from an inner desire and work towards enlightenment and primarily an active and unconditional love of others around you.

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Review about: Psi Seminars Seminar.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have completed PSI seminar courses and signed my parents into the basic course.My life has changed for the better ( I just purchased my second property, well on my way to financial freedom using the tools they thought me), my relationship with my parents, gf and sister is on another level.

We communicate and make decisions so much better.

PSI Seminar is a MUST.

FYI I don't work or I am affiliate with them.I am just a graduate and that was my honest simple truth.

Tracy, California, United States #1229160

I have multiple friends who have attended PSI seminars and they loved it.I've heard nothing but rave reviews about it and these people are doing great in business and relationships now.

One of these friends that went was going thought a difficult transition in life that was affecting his marriage. He attended PSI and he said it totally changed his perspective and he was able to move out of this difficult transition and this change in perspective has mended his marriage. I'm now signed up to go next month to PSI because of the great experiences my friends have had.

Yes you have to pay for the seminars but that's up to you and how many you want to attend.i have heard nothing but great things and saw great results from the people who attended, so I would recommend.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #1167795

Perception is interesting.

California, United States #870529

I had a friend who recently posted on facebook that she was beginning her journey with PSI.I called her to tell her of the details that I know about it.

I told her that from what I hear, there is a lot of communication directed to people, during the "seminars," that make you upset, angry, cry, etc. She says, "Oh, I like that kind of thing."

Is it really sensible to pay money to an organization that stirs your emotions on a degrading level such as this? REALLY??? Give the money to me...I'll berade you!

Just kidding.I would never want to do that to anyone for any amount of money.

People make their own choices, but it makes no sense to me.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia #870127

YES THEY ARE DISGUSTING...I had a 2 day course with PSI..

after the first day my family and I left and never came back.. I felt violated...

I want everyone to know they are greedy, horrible human beings who groom their prey into submission..DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Diego, California, United States #790996

I attended Basic years ago because my gf at the time was very much into it.They do really try to get your money at the end of it, they do prey on the weak and emotionally unstable and it was cult-like.

HOWEVER, what they say and what you learn CAN be beneficial - take the good parts and forget the bad.

There were some interesting things they taught however I wouldn't recommend it if you easily manipulated.

At the end of Basic if you are firm about not paying more money, they will leave you alone.

I also think that people with emotional/mental issues should not go to these seminars. They do hypnotism/meditation type things to help people "uncover" themselves and it can be extremely draining and mentally hard for many - MANY people cry during these sessions (I fell asleep and was snoring lol) but the point is that these people running it are NOT psychologists, they do not have training on how to handle peoples emotional states..

they basically give you the key to unlock your mental door and they have no way to control or handle what comes out of it. If you have past mental/psychological issues - do NOT attend, it can really *** up.

Other than that.. it really isn't too bad - I only did Basic..

if you are a strong person mentally and go in with the right attitude there are things you can get out of it.I wouldn't recommend it though.

There are usually several cute girls that attend, so that helps too.


My best friend went through a difficult couple of years, following her husband's alcoholic binges that emotionally devastated she and their family.He has been successful with his recovery.

About 6 months ago, my best friend was introduced to PSI. So far, she has spent well over $10,000 and is no happier now than she was then. She has gone through a rotation cycle of cutting off those that are closest to her, such as her parents, her sister, and me, then waking up one day and crying for a reconnection. Her husband is the recent victim.

She has asked for a divorce, and one of the reasons is because he won't be involved with PSI. Apparently, he has discovered that she has withdrawn $20,000 from their youngest daughter's education fund, and another $20,000 from a business checking account. She has been obligated to recruit members, and has done so unsuccessfully, so she is buying memberships for people in order to be allowed to stay in PSI. As well, she is coached daily by another member, to keep on top of her goals, and if she says the "wrong words," such as "try," she is penalized at about $10-$15 a word, which is another on-going expense.

I'm appalled that a woman as educated as she would fall victim to such a scam. It is literally ruining she and her husband's life, emotionally and financially. She wants a divorce but says she still loves him and can't explain why she wants the divorce, it's just a "feeling" that she has. She wants to open a...

She talks about all of this like she is in a hypnotic daze, without foundations for her choices. Come to find out, she made a set of goals, that breaking up with her husband was one of them and that is why she had to do it, because her coach calls daily asking if she's achieved it yet. She thinks she is following a dream of opening a business but has no means to do so, but she busily creates lists of supposed future inventory that she will somehow stock, but has no money to begin it with. She writes me frustrated emails now, complaining about life being "so f__king hard." Perhaps if she stopped letting PSI stop soaking money out of her bank accounts and credit cards, things wouldn't be so hard.

She has literally lost it and I blame her vulnerability and gullibily, letting this scam, PSI taker for everything she's got, including her common sense.

It's definitely a money-scamming cult and it's putting my friend and her family through misery, plus taking away the person I have called my best friend for over 30 years.My best friend's sister has suggested an intervention...Any thoughts???

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Is PSI Seminars a cult?Is klemmer and associates a cult?

Cults that fool the naive with the promise of golden elightenment and lousy execution? Your dreams have ntohing to do with your reality.

These two comapnies Klemmer and Associates is a CULT and so is the poor money grubbing second place PSI Semianrs filled with 70's abstract horse *** which you will buy when you go to that wonderful ranch experience.At PSI they sell you horse ***, at Klemmer cult they give you a woooden sword so you can exchange that sword for a mortgage payment....if your mortgage is


I was just Googling PSI Seminars because I intend on sending my 15 year old son.He has lost his way and really needs some help getting back on the right path.

About 7 years ago, a friend of mine talked me into going. It changed my life for the better for sure!! The only thing I didn't like is how they push you so hard to spend $1600 on the next class on the ranch in CA. They almost had me, I put the down payment of $1000 but ended up getting my money back.

They do get you in that vulnerable state and then really try hard to push you.

I have heard that the trip to the ranch is one of the best experiences.I say, if you have the extra money, go for it.

to Wendy Vaughn Burleson, Texas, United States #916267

It's 4500 for the ranch experience now

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