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This organization uses buzzwords such as "victim" to get you to sign up for some of their courses. They talk down to you when you don't agree with what they say.

They make all sorts of promises to get you to sign up and have no intention of keeping. Don't fall for the ***. They act like they give a *** when really they don't. I would not recommend their courses to anyone.

There is this one fat *** named Chuck Morrison. This *** is the biggest bullshitter I have ever seen. Don't let anyone tell what to think or believe.

Do what you think is best for you. My advice would be to stay away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Psi Seminars Seminar.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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The personality change is disturbing for anyone who partucipates in this psi group . They get the people to become alienated from anything but themselves.

Like Narcissus looking in the pond, all they see is themselves

The person becomes high & mighty, nasty & insulting, continuously scorning everything around them. They feed the paranoia & give a me against everything because I am far superior than everyone, turning people into psychotic demons.

They do subliminal tapes on those weeks in the cabins.

They caused several cases of food poisoning a couple of years ago.

They should go to he'll for what they have done


This is the most horrendous excuse for a helping organization. A family member goes & has turned into an obnoxious, self centered, shrew. These people should be held accountable for their mind games of destruction on impressionable prople


Also stay away from Klemmer and Associates, stepchild of PSI Seminars and fellow cult LGAT type training.

Those who have attended these LGAT trainings like Klemmer Personal Mastery, seriously think they are enlightened, better or free. Wait till they hit the downdraft from their Seminar Highs. It would be worse than dropping down from Silver Cliff Ranch in nathrop to sea level in 10 seconds.

The shock will traumatize them if they do not know how to handle the escape from this Klemmer Cult or when they realized they have been SCAMMED by Zink, Zellmer and Roma.

Please warn all Naive Christians about the SCAM of Klemmer and PSI.


They won't listen. My daughter is deeply involved & has turned into a psychotic shrew. I wish she would realize she's been duped