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They fervently claim to be honest and legit

I took 3 of the courses, at a time in my life when I had nothing and was very vulnerable. I had to borrow so much money that honestly I was completely unable to pay back even to this day. Yes they have some valuable Content but you can find it in any self help book. The staff are just as brainwashed as the volunteers. They all truly believe that you must buy in 100%. I had major health issues come up during these events and was told I couldn't miss any or I wouldn't get a refund. That I'd have to retake the entire course at a later date. I ended up in hospital with a mental health issue and also had some major infections during the 90 day course that I basically had to ignore to keep going. I was constantly being pushed into things and when I tried to drop out people showed up at my house and wouldn't stop until I agreed to come back. No one ever listened to me or what I truly wanted. If I said I couldn't afford something that wasn't good enough. They'd say I was making a choice. And that I'd never reach my goals if I didn't do everything I was told and take all the courses they offered. All the toxic people I met and all the strange things I witnessed. I could write a book. But honestly I have to thank PSI Seminars. Because now I know my own truth and no one is ever going to treat me like that ever again. Please if you're being coerced into taking any of these don't do it. Your friend or family member is being pushed to get others to join. And it's not their fault. They'll be defensive because they think they're seeing value. And maybe they have. But it is not worth the emotional and financial damage, and detriment to your mental health over time. No one is taking the time to warn people because they're "not ready" or "don't like looking inward." It's all BS. I've become far more successful since I distanced myself from this toxic establishment.
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  • Some different points to consider
  • Lots of internal exploration
  • Causes people to make poor choices
  • Encourages people to go against their own choices
  • Doesnt factor in mental health

Preferred solution: Nothing. I don't want to be contacted by them ever. I want to warn others and heal myself by speaking up.

User's recommendation: Stay FAR Away!


Is this the same PSI Seminars Company that had Bruce Conching, Ike Pono Maui, as an Area Director for Orange County in the 90's? Is this the same PSI Seminars where Jane C Wilhite was Bruce Conching's best "man" at his 3X Marriage with Janet Henze ( ALSO 3X married, after taking a relationship and working for PSI Seminars !!

) ? Is this the same PSI Seminars Where Bruce Conhing, the golden boy with Vision Worx Seminars is now on GoFUND ME website BEGGING for money to renovate his bathroom? Does this PSI Seminars "stuff" actually work? IF ex-employees are in network marketing as a coach like Janet Henze, and ex-husband is begging for money on GOFUND me, why are you paying for this PSI NONSENSE?

AVOID this Seminar company like the PLAGUE ! If the sellers of this seminar company are having their life in the abyss of poverty, why are you dishing out $15K + for this LGAT nonsense? Because you dont take cocaine and spend time in REHAB like Bruce Conching who can fantasize and talk but cant do a darn thing to save his own family and marriage? Do you relishing paying for talkers, vs doers?

IF so- waste your money on PSI Seminars. You will get what you paid for!


Bruce Conching of Makawao Maui, learned the fine art of setting others up to fail, from PSI Seminars as a "has been" Area director of Orange County. Having blown tons of white powder up his nose, while enabled by his clueless ex-wife, Janet Henz, Bruce has gone on to practice the fine art of PLD to IKE PONO , and proceeded to systematically rip ALL his business partners off.

Yes, from the PHILLIPPINES to POrange County, those who did business with Bruce Conching, ended up holding the financial bag, and useless life skills with no one to stand in front of. That is how useful PSI Seminars classess are - all hype, temporary hope, nothing substantive and a bunch of talk.

Worth the money ? Go waste your money paying for PSI Seminar classes and find out !!


Now that Shirley Hunt has finally packed her manipulative bag of tricks and moved on, can PSI seminars " right " itself and become an authentic company and finally live what it espouses, that is actually GROW? My Bet is Manipulation is embedded in PSI Seminars, and they have lied , manipulated for a few measly tuition dollars they cannot tell right from wrong, EVER !!!

Can Jim McMahan, right this ship or sink with it and go back to Real Estate when the market recovers in Marin? Hint : Clean House Jim McMahan or you will back to hanging out " Home for sale " signs in a year or so!!


Waiting to see if Jim McMahan has an "unfulfilled recognition emotional gap" so he can fall right into the trap of manipulation set by the cult management methods of Shirley A Hunt. This soap opera should be case you all are in Denver area, check out convergent seminars started by ex-psi Denver employees sick of the manipulation and dysfunction.

Could be better , could be worse. Always an alternative out there !


At least Wilhite had the common sense to rename the Chief Manipulation Officer to Chief Revenue Officer. Manipulation can only limit the number of locations that grow as PSI Seminars have repeatedly discovered over the years.

Cannot grow much beyond XX revenue for DECADES!! Uh , and they call themselves a personal "growth" company ?

Results - always fair and communicates the truth. !!


What this reveiwer experienced is the inauthentic, manipulative marketing perpetuated by an MLM mindset from their ex-VP, Shirley Hunt. Marketing at pSI Seminars is called " the art of manipulation spun to sound like its in your best interest based on what vulnerabilities you shared in their seminars for the purpose of extracting more money from you to attend the next seminar, where the cycle repeats.

Now we get to witness the fallout of manipulative marketing practices come to light, and we shall soon find out whether this "personal growth " seminar company, can even figure out how to grow its business, ethically and authentically with real sustainable value.

Any bets ??? Buyer beware !!


Sounds like the reviewer experienced first hand a cult full of hype, hippies and groupies willing to sell thier souls for some recognition. Please stay away from PSI Seminars there are better alternatives out there....LOTS of them !


For all you folks in Denver and Vancouver, there are better alternatives out in convergence seminars. Convergence Seminars, was started by ex-PSI Seminar employees that are sick of the manipulation and greed.

Two seasoned facilitators banded together to offer an alternative to the culture of deceit perpetuated by PSI Seminars Executives. So shop around, ask critical questions, especially why these shinning examples of PSI Zombies hang around the seminar and avoid the real world? Ask how can this company continue to rely on cultish behavior and "tupperware party" methods after all this years. What does PSI seminars avoid publicity?

What would 60 minutes say about PSI Seminars? What EXACTLY have all these puffed up PSI facilitators really accomplished in real life, that is outside of the seminar room?

Pray for PSI Seminar's Chief Revenue Officer, how do you keep your real estate license once the Distric Attorny of Northern California starts digging around? Your predecessor's history of deceit and scams will be exposed......

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Treatment from seminar facilitator and failure to refund.