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There are close to seven billion people on earth. Each are individual, everyones perspective is only completely valid to it's owner. Offering your opinion to anyone is merely exposing your own feeling, fears, angers, and need for growth. If your opinion is uplifting than you are exposing your inherent love, connection, and truth love love love connection we are all one love love love embrace our differences love love we are all one like... Read more

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I was talked into signing up for the basic at the phoenix office; paid my money and after researching the net I found PSI is a *** CULT!!!! I called the phoenix office and asked Bridget for a refund of my $600.00 and this *** denied it. After repeats to cancel my "enrollment" she refused to give me back my money. I can't believe I was *** enough to fall for this *** but I trusted the person who asked me to enroll. I am ***... Read more

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I attended the Basic seminar for PSI Seminars. It's the first and basic training and costs about $600. PSI says its trainings are "designed to empower the mind toward living a free, unconditional loving and joyful life. We provide "professional" facilitators and a safe environment for each student to discover and be their true selves." What a bunch of Bullsh*t. "Professional Facilitators?" How Professional? I entered the training as a... Read more

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Cults attract three different kinds of people. A few see immediately that there's money to be made from it while others are idealistic, looking for the answers to life. But the vast majority are experiencing a trauma, such as redundancy or a relationship break-up, at the time they're recruited. The fact is, cults prey on the vulnerable. For me, it started when my friend Keith rang to say he'd found something that transformed his... Read more

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I heard this "FIRE" is being investigated as an ARSON. Apparently PSI is losing money from all the bad press and needs the insurance money. Friday fire results in estimated $1.5 million in damage at High Valley Ranch Written by Lake County News Reports Saturday, 19 December 2009 HIGH VALLEY – A large fire early Friday destroyed three buildings and did major damage to the main old ranch house at High Valley Ranch outside of Clearlake Oaks.... Read more

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Back about 7 years ago I went through the PSI Basic and PSI7 in California. Since then I have been doing anything possible to discourage other men and women from making the same mistake of attending this. I am also fairly active in the ex-PSI yahoo group. The last few days I have been going over the post here in this thread and it is much as I expected. Many people expressing concerns and some defending the organization. It is my belief that... Read more

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If you really want to talk to a PSI *** get a hold of this ***. Executive training company my ***. What a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire time talking to this *** all I heard was nothing but PSI seminars. He spent more time trying to sell me on taking this *** than I did working for him. Big mistake. Stay away from PSI and stay away from Todd. He's a loser. And Todd; get over yourself you ain't all that. Todd NuttallRotall... Read more

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PSI people are committed to supporting each other when they start talking about getting divorced and assisting each other to be successful and exceptional. That is of course until they start coming down from the "˜high' they've experience and then are thrown away, because face it who wants to be around "˜negative' people. One of the ways they do this is by using the tools that PSI teaches- and that comes with a "language" and concepts. Which... Read more

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Consider the following snippet of dialogue, overheard during a personal growth seminar: Leader: "Everything you experience doesn't exist unless you experience it. And everything a living creature experiences is created uniquely by that living creature, who is the sole source of that experience." Student: "How am I responsible for my wife getting cancer?" Leader: "You're responsible for creating the experience of your wife's... Read more

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*** it those PSI cultists are in Hawaii Kai. I saw a bunch of them congregating nearby. Anyone had experience with the PSI cultists? WTF is a PSI cult? It's an acronym for something...I call it Pathetic *** Idiots. You join them and they motivate you by stealing all your money through membership fees and selling cow dung (serious they sell you cow ***)...they motivate you by breaking you down and making you feel worthless and the only reason to... Read more

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