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I did Basic & PSI 7 in 1994. I was smart and skeptical enough to stop there, at the time did feel like I got some good out of it despite the obvious emotional manipulation.

But now 25 years later I'm still dealing with the aftermath of exposing raw deeply buried emotions and issues during the seminars that the non-psychologically trained moderators do not help people actually deal with. I'm only now realizing that my time involved in PSI was a traumatic event in itself, and I need to address with my therapist. No internet back then, but now one can google and easily see the parallels of PSI to other mind control seminars and even cults. I finally understand why my recollections of both seminars have always been fuzzy and indistinct even days after I completed them.

They use some hypnotic techniques- not outright hypnosis, but specific techniques to make people more open to suggestion. Apparently this is common with LGATs. I DEFINITELY experienced the post-Basic "high" thinking it was great albeit expensive, but unable (even then) to recall or describe what we talked about or did specifically that was so great and helpful. Finding out that we were subjected to these techniques finally explains this to me.

Hopefully my real therapist can help me with that aspect as well. I would say SAVE YOUR MONEY and don't give it to PSI, that's all they are interested in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Psi Seminars Basic Seminar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I totally agree with your comment. During my course I think PSI 7 we had one incident where one man was threatening to kill himself and we had to call a police, another girl really didn’t handle some of the exercises well and was in real distress screaming on the floor.

They are obviously need it professional help beyond the course. I was sitting and thinking those people should not be allowed to deal with such issues they are not qualified. I finally left PSI 7 without completing it, because I really felt all they cared about is getting money out of us. I felt I was shamed that I don’t keep my word and that I need to pay and was really pleasured to do it.

Yes there are some values in the course as well from which I benefited. I really enjoyed my first course basics.

I agree it’s highly manipulative and you feel like you are in the babble for couple of days after, I never thought about hypnosis but after reading your comments it makes sense. Would I recommend it, not sure may be to people who don’t have any trauma yes, for those who has money to spair may be yes, would I do it myself nope.


Thank you for writing this!