I was doing some more research on PSI Seminars and their 90 day "Program" called PLD. The following emails were found on their yahoo group. This group started in August 2007 and the bulk of the membership started dropping out after two months. I found this is rather common with PSI; be it their PSI7 groups or the PLD Programs. The die-hard fans of PSI stick around for years either recruiting their family and friends to this ***. I'm starting to see the same names in all of these groups acting like they belong when infact they try to maintain the group in order to recruit more victims. The main theme is the program causes people to loose their relationships as you will find in the examples below. I removed the names and added some comments.

On 9/28/07, forever_hunt wrote:

I need your support on this issue. My husband is extremely pissed off because my partner is a man! (Imagine that!!!!) As my goal to have a number 10 relationship with him. I feel I am miserably failing. I want to quit because of the influences he brings to the table in my life. One way or another information was givin to him about last nights event. He is

mad because I had a DATE with my buddy. (If I had been her husband I would have been mad too; Oh wait I was that husband.) I don't regret what I did last night it was very valuable to me. I learned a lot more about trust and surrender. However, I am being attacked. Do any of you have advise? What am I doing wrong? Coaches HELP!!

K R wrote:

Just a thought here:

Has your husband been to the Basic? (Again the typical answer; "Has he taken the basic?" Like this is the answer to the problem.) If so, there is one scheduled and starting October 11th that perhaps he can re-audit? If not, perhaps he would be willing to try it. Either way it's a great opportunity for him to work though these issues!

Team 27

Thank you for that thought. He has taken the Basic & P7. However, he has scheduling issues with work. He will not be able. He also right now is blaming PSI for our issues. I have told him these are my choices and I committed to them. What else can I do? (I would say quit.)

Re: [team_27] Team 27

Wow Sxxxxx. I'm not sure what to say. Comming from the outside it seems to clear me there are some fears comming to the surface - maybe using some of the tools you learned in Basic, 7, LS are a good starting point in working with him. Try working with each other to honestly confront each others fears. Again - just my thoughts, here are some PSI principles you might want to look at. Remember - PSI didn't invent any of this stuff - they just brought it together. If the PSI idea has bad feelings between the both of you right now, try just using the principles independent of the company ( i.e., no need to use "PSI says" or "PSI taught me". Rather, try operating from "common sense" and a life/relationship success approach.

- identifing and confronting fear in all its costumes (i.e., anger, anxiety, jealously) - how to overcome - courage

- victim / responsible - who's in charge anyway? Is He/She MAKING me something or am I?

- identify with intent - we are right now where we intend to be - perhaps an understanding of why either/both of you are where you are now.

- operating from a place of integrity

- LISTEN to him, then ask him to LISTEN to you.

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