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PSI Seminars' practices follow the descriptions of New Religious Movement cults/sects. Check out the research by experts- there's a ton of info out there.

Thought reform techniques do occur in these courses and they convince you to question your critical thinking and intuition by labeling them as "your programs" that society has instilled in you. Do you really think people who have been brain washed walk around saying they are? Of course not!

They have no idea! PSI - spend thousands of dollars, give them free labor/volunteering/staffing (even though they are a for-profit company) and free marketing (get your loved ones in to experience the Basic Seminar right away and help them change their lives, too!) anything they can get from their "believers".

Product or Service Mentioned: Psi Seminars Seminar.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Thank you LB


I wish they would be exposed. They have changed my beautiful daughter into an unrecognizable selfish, self centered, obnoxious shrew who can't keep a job, destroys relationship...every time she goes near them she gets worse.

Totally disrespectful..condescending attitude...she's scary because she buys this crap.

I wish they would get exposed. Maybe Dr.

Phil would do a shoe in them. Very very scary that pie we of garbage would damage so many people


file a complaint with Families against cult teachings. FACT, think they may be looking into PSI Seminars...


Please help my family contact at sasperidot54@gmail.com


Anyone looking to take action against this group?


Help sasperidot54@gmail.com


Google it- They’re being sued right now!!


Google what?? Thanks


Yes but I do not know how.