I have a problem with Terri Wilber in the Denver PSI Office. I want my money back for all this BS PSI seminars. Its not personal but I will get my money back or else.

LIVBigXIII "¢ PSI Denver PLD Team #54

Hello family,

I am reaching out for your compassion and support. I am not lying when I tell you that my time is VERY limited do to working 3 jobs, and having my kids 100% of the time. In less than 48 hours, I will be telling my kids (along with their dad) that we are getting divorced. This is HUGE for me...and even bigger for my kids. I am sure you can imagine how concerned I am about this...and my children's well-being MUST be my top priority.

Today, I spent 4+ hours away from work/family obligations forming my lists,

creating an evite for my BP next week, and posting stuff on Facebook for my

event. My programs and self-limitations are blasting their goo at me....and I am facing the potential consequences of neglecting work/family for PLD. Is there anyone else out there that is worried about this?? We all have 168 hours in the week...and I am very challenged by my schedule.

On Sept 8th, I have a goal for 20+ guests and 6+ enrollments. Aside from a few hours this weekend to make some follow up calls, I will not be available to put much more time into filling my event. So I need you, one and all, to help fill this goal...for me, and for the team. I appreciate SO much anything you can do!!

I also am asking for you to please hold a space in your heart for me as I tackle this life-changing conversation with my kids on Friday night. I am doing all in my power to live my contract as a FORGIVING and ACCEPTING woman. Knowing you are all there is more comfort than I can express.

With love and appreciation,



Reminder that you do not have coach calls nor is there a weekly team meeting on Monday as it is Labor Day. You will resume regular coach calls on Tuesday morning and your regular weekly team meeting will happen on Tuesday night 7 pm here at the PSI office, as per your schedule. Enjoy yourselves and be safe.


I was talking with our new area director, Dan Gibbons, today and he wanted to really spread some good cheer this holiday weekend. As result, any enrollments you create between now and your meeting Tuesday night will be at the $495 tuition!!! You must bring them with you to the meeting on Tuesday (or fax them in prior to it). The incentive will not be good after your meeting until the next big event.


Several of you asked for a copy of this electronically. This Excel spreadsheet is an excellent tool for keeping on top of your goals. It is not a requirement to use it, however it really supports you to do so. Especially notice the wording of the goal itself, like we discussed at the grounding for the last Guest Event. "I am so happy and grateful now that....." Act as if it is and it shall be. Also pay particular attention to the characteristics column. How will you feel/BE as a result of completing that goal? This connection to your (scary word!) EMOTION around your goal can be a huge personal motivation. Consider using this tool. It's been around for years. Why re-invent the wheel?


"Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it." "” Unknown


Terri Wilber

PLD Coordinator

PSI Seminars - Denver

direct line 303-800-5179

office number 303-331-8440

fax number 303-331-8399

Hi Team,

First of all, my BP last night was successful....15 guests, 1 enrollment and I expect 3-4 enrollments by tomorrow noon. Advice: PLAN AHEAD and ENLIST HELP. It took more time than I expected to put the actual event together....part of this due to my own perfectionism. To Jen ("Hot"), Melissa (a.k.a. "Julie McCoy"), Nancy and DR...thank you so much for being there to support my event. Everyone, I will do all I can to support your BP's!!

Okay, so my life is taking an interesting turn as I write this. Today, my p/t employer announced that she is unable to pay me after this month. Hm. Then, this afternoon, I opened my email and a primary coaching client is also having financial issues and wishes to complete our coaching for awhile. So...as of October 1st, my income will be down by $3200! To quote Terri....."Isn't that exciting??"

The timing is PERFECT. I have been feeling for some time that my work hasn't had quite the vibration that I would like it to have. So I get to redesign my life and shazaam! PLD is the perfect place to create this, right?

My wealth goal is $6000/month (take home) by November 1st. Will you support me in manifesting a new job or a few big fish clients or whatever we will design??



layers and Coaches – Reminder second weekend is right around the corner. I'm excited!! I haven't seen any new enrollments yet. Do I need to be getting out my lasagna pans for dinner Saturday and starting the base for my "2-day homemade sauce"?

Please bring with you to Saturday of 2nd weekend the following items:

PLD Notebook and Pen PLD Badge


Wear comfortable, layered grubby clothes (activities may be both inside and outside)

Wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes



Sack lunch with drink

Water bottle, refillable (we'll have plenty of water accessible )

BTC money (to be handled in lobby BEFORE the weekend starts!!)

Community Service Time COMPLETED** prior to arriving at 2nd Weekend

Enrollments so you can ring the bell!!

paint brushes, many sizes (need 5-6 for entire group)

paint rollers - handles, we have spongey ends (need 4-5 for entire group)

paint trays

full size ladders (need 2-3 for entire group)

step ladders (need 2-3 for entire group)

drop cloths

all purpose cleaners


buckets (empty, any size)

work gloves

tape measures (need 2-3 for entire group)

level (need 1)

tool kit including hammer, regular screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, allen wrench, regular wrench, etc

circular saw (only need 1)

saw horse set (optional - more solutions possible if unable to locate)

NOTE - the object of the above supplies is not for the team to go out and purchase a bunch of high ticket items. You may bring your own personal items or borrow from a friend/family. All of the above items will be in your possession the entire time and returned to you at the end of the weekend.

** YES - Community service must be COMPLETED by Saturday morning of 2nd weekend. Those of you needing community service time, there are options at the PSI office tomorrow. (Brady, Melissa!!! Important!!! You're the only two I know of that still owe time)

Any questions, call me or your coach.


"Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it." "” Unknown


Terri Wilber

PLD Coordinator

PSI Seminars - Denver

direct line 303-800-5179

office number 303-331-8440

fax number 303-331-8399

Hi Team,

Just heard that if we can bring in 3 more enrollments tomorrow, Terri is making us dinner!! We are at 22, with 8 so far coming in tomorrow, and if we surpass 32 it is ABBODANZA.

GO GO GO!!!!



Hey everyone!!!! So Brady and I have a breakthrough of being enrolled and paid for PSI 7 by tomorrow. Any type of support for either of us or both of us would be so amazing. Deffinitely being tested to my fullest extent right now

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On Sep 12, 2010, at 8:01 AM, ksawarynski@... wrote:

Have a great time! Bring 100% of you sexy-scotty-self!


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From: "Scott Thornton"

Sender: LIVBigXIII@yahoogroups.com

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 13:29:51 -0000


ReplyTo: LIVBigXIII@yahoogroups.com

Subject: [LIVBigXIII] PSI 7

Hello LIV Big XIII teammates,

Well I am currently waiting for the charter bus to arrive with Mary's friend Chris and many others here at the airport. As you all know, I am very excited about this upcoming week. I just wanted to check in with you and see how the work went. I really LOVE doing that kind of stuff, and was bummed that I was not able to be of more help. If you have any photos, would you please post them? Also I had a great time just talking to people at DIA and spreading some cheer. What a great way to spend time while waiting for your flight. My greatly changed attitude is really beginning to show, and I LOVE IT. I will miss you all on Sunday as I am sure you will have a great time, however I'm sure I will also be doing the same here at PSI 7. Have a great week, and I will see you all soon.

Sexy Scotty

Well we are looking at loans, getting a company credit card, and asking for support through people. One thing Keith mentioned is my coaching business. I would love to help and coach anyone who wants it. It is a 30 day program once a week call for $150 a person. If you know anyone who is wanting more balance in any of the 4 quadrants I would love to talk with them! If anyone needs stuff done around their house or fixed Brady is great with that

On Sep 13, 2010, at 10:01 AM, Barbara Abeyta wrote:


You and Brady have any solutions? How can I support you?

On Sun Sep 12th, 2010 10:56 PM EDT Tanya Hughes wrote:

>Hey everyone!!!! So Brady and I have a breakthrough of being enrolled and paid for PSI 7 by tomorrow. Any type of support for either of us or both of us would be so amazing. Deffinitely being tested to my fullest extent right now


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>On Sep 12, 2010, at 8:01 AM, ksawarynski@... wrote:


>Have a great time! Bring 100% of you sexy-scotty-self!




>Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


>From: "Scott Thornton"

>Sender: LIVBigXIII@yahoogroups.com

>Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 13:29:51 -0000


>ReplyTo: LIVBigXIII@yahoogroups.com

>Subject: [LIVBigXIII] PSI 7



>Hello LIV Big XIII teammates,


>Well I am currently waiting for the charter bus to arrive with Mary's friend Chris and many others here at the airport. As you all know, I am very excited about this upcoming week. I just wanted to check in with you and see how the work went. I really LOVE doing that kind of stuff, and was bummed that I was not able to be of more help. If you have any photos, would you please post them? Also I had a great time just talking to people at DIA and spreading some cheer. What a great way to spend time while waiting for your flight. My greatly changed attitude is really beginning to show, and I LOVE IT. I will miss you all on Sunday as I am sure you will have a great time, however I'm sure I will also be doing the same here at PSI 7. Have a great week, and I will see you all soon.


>Sexy Scotty

LIVBigXIII] New file uploaded to LIVBigXIII

Good Morning Everyone,

I am at a Crossroads.

It is no longer financially possible for me, nor will I be putting money in the BCT can at this writing, because of my emotional charged speaking.

The final straw was yesterday early evening after donating most of my day to PLD enrollment and my "Must Do" financial plan for success, --when-- I was told those actions shared with my coach cost me $17.00.

I was emotionally drained enough to think BS. If the words I use to communicate my feelings and efforts are my only credentials, I AM ON THE WRONG PLAYGROUND.WE were all lossers as a result of that action and/or my reaction. I sometimes learn from the concequences of my decisions and actions. Sometimes it takes someone to say "Switch, that is not working."

I am well aware:

1. The BTC words do not serve me. They can be "Spellchecked" when I slow down and become "Politically correct" for the "TO BE JUDGED" presentations.

2. Thanks to all of you, I am aware I use them a lot when I am emotionally open and venerable in conveying my support and experiences.

3.My true friends did not become my friends because of how I talked or looked. They became my friends when they felt how much I cared by what I, Mary, only can do, in the best way my God is using me, His girl.

4. When I am slow or not contributing, we all could be loosing along with learning.

We have a wonderful creative team. Collectively, we know that there are few plans that work for EVERYONE. My paying extra money into PLD at this writing is IMPOSSIBLE.

I am sorry to further test our team for reason and ways to keep me and/or punish me for my prior years of successful life changing communications. It might help if your 1st lines of thoughts are, How would you help your parents on SS with this. How many of your parents would even be in PLD? I will not wear nor deserve a "Scarlet Letter" for my speach.

Without a different solution, at this writing , my Trump decision is to be off the team and on to financial recovery from my moving here.

I will not be available today until between 4:30 and 6:30 and then after 8:45PM. I have insurance appointments to keep. God's world and plans will still go on. I am not God, nor in control of you or the universe. My part in his plan is to do the next right thing, moment by moment. I am very proud of my TRACK RECORD because of His guidance and my trusting Him.

I believe part of our PLD agreements included not soliciting my business endeavors from my team members. Was there a time frame on that that I missed? Up to this point I have honored that agreement.


Mary Rose Hubert

PS: Interesting note--- neither my coach or small teammates asked me about my progress with my professional business goals. They were so wrapped up in BCT's.

Mary. I'm sorry you feel that way and I'm only speaking for myself. On are buddy calls. I have asked you about your goals and what action your taking to do so. I don't want you to throw in the towel over BCT's. I hate the fact I have to put my hard earned money in to that can every week. However, I made a choice to play the game. Good or bad, or if I agree/disagree with what is going on. I look at the end result because there is a point to everything we are doing by ourselves and as a team. I hope you can look past the BCT's and you can start to focus on the end results. Mary your amazing person and I'm happy you came into my life through PLD. Let me know what I can do to help you move past this.

Much Love,


Hi everyone! We had our bp last night and 11 guests showed. We could have worked on pre enrollibg them before they came, however we still had a great turn out. Stephs guest enrolled and 7 others want to go to the Oct basic and are finding ways to pay for it. Keith did an AMAZING job!!! And it was so great to have DR, Melissa, and amber there as well, you guys are all so awesome!! So just make sure to pre enroll people!!!

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On Sep 15, 2010, at 7:34 AM, Terri Wilber wrote:

AWESOME, Terry. Who else took on a challenge when you crossed the line into Playing to Win that involved updating the team daily?? What was your crossing the line challenge?


BPs - if you have already had your BP, post a message to your team about what WORKED and what did not WORK. No need to reinvent the wheel. If you have an upcoming BP, the phone works. Personal calls work. Flyers and email are data only. They don't get your friends and family to your event.

I am out of the office today and tomorrow, headed to Minnesota for Stacey's BP. She's very enrolling to get me away from my world for a couple days in the middle of the craziest, busiest month of the year!!! If you need something, contact Scott Moore or Deanna Nickoloff or your coach. Chances are, they may have support for you.


We talked about doing the workshop workshop on Sunday of the Basic. We may have to look at another date for that because it looks like I will be doing the sound for the Basic this weekend. More on this on Friday when I have concrete data.

In the meantime, PLAY TO WIN. Get your goals. Get on the playing field and SCORE!!!!

Love to all,

~ Coach T

Hi Mary,

I can share with you that the BTC's have also been financially challenging for me. My best resolution is to honestly change the words that come out of my mouth. When I am loose with my thinking, the words fly out of my mouth and I have $17.00 conversations all the time. When I am focused in my thoughts, I have many $0.00 conversations. Those words do not serve any of us and removing them from our vocabulary is an amazing opportunity to "switch". It is challenging, however the results are worth it.

We all have struggles with wanting to quit PLD and those are limiting programs that are standing in our way. You Can Do This Mary!!!! I believe in you! Look how far you have already come!!! Seriously, I did not even recognize you! You look absolutely amazing! You have come so far and who knows what amazing things you can create while completing PLD.

The advise I would give my parents, (and do give my parents) is to test themselves to see what amazing possibilities they can create. PLD is the perfect opportunity to take our self on and create new and exciting opportunities in our lives. PLD is the answer so step up and take it on. You are a valuable member of the team and we would not be LIV big XIII without you!!!!! Take a deep breathe, focus, get clear and see what is possible. I am not letting you walk away! Tell me how I can support you!

You are amazing and I know you can overcome this!

Much Love and Support!!!!

Dawn Legge

President & CEO

Amberg Entertainment

Office: 303-593-2354

Cell: 303-669-8385



Dear Mary,

Thank you for letting us know where you are with your process. We spoke about

this on our buddy call, and I want to reiterate to the group what Brady and I

shared with you.

1. You are not alone. We are all struggling with the BCT's. My income is 50%

less beginning in October, leaving me waaaaay below my cost of living. I do not

have extra money whatsoever. I am getting better at my language skills by the

day and this serves me by being in positive expression with others.

2. This is a game. Monopoly wouldn't work if one person decides to play poker

with the funny money instead. How we are playing PLD is how we are playing our

lives. We can choose to be victims and stay stuck. We can choose to create

solutions and get unstuck. We can argue with the rules and fracture the team,

or we can play by the rules and win.

3. You are brilliant and an important asset to the team. We all love you and

want you to SOAR with us. Ultimately it is up to you if you want to live your

experience here with a thumbs up or a thumbs down or a "V". I choose to see you

as capable, resourceful and whole, and you have my support to that end. Trust

the process, quit the resistance to change, and JFDI!!

With boatloads of love, knowing you CAN!!!



My one enrollment decided not to enroll today as planned and I will continue to

drip on her. My other one (Nathan) will not have a check for me til Monday. I

will have my 2 enrollments Monday as promised. This allows me to get creative

since I leave today on a college tour in WA with my son and he will be my

primary focus. I am PLAYING to WIN!


Hi Team

I am currently at $175 towards the $495. Please help support me in this by

contacting anyone you know that would be interested in helping.

I revised the email below so it is clearer in the details.

Thanks in advance

Love, Jen

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for financial support in getting a 14 year old Alexis to the Basic.

She was at the guest event last night and has a real desire to go to the Basic.

Both of her parents have gone to the basic. Financial her family is unable to

pay the $495 tuition for her.

I feel that this is a great opportunity to get the younger generation involved.

Imagine what Alexis life would be like to receive the basic at this age and what

she will create.

I know many of us wish that we were able to go to the basic a lot earlier then

we did.

I am willing to put $100 in the pot to help her go to the basic and I would love

for anyone that can to help with this even if it is only $5.

The only condition is that it needs to be paid by noon on Friday to receive the

$495 price.

Please help me to give the gift of the basic to Alexis so that she can have an

incredible experience.

Let me know if you have any other solutions that might work.

Please forward this on to anyone that would be interested also.

Thank you

Jen (970)948-7754

Payment Options

Cash, Check or Credit Card -

Scott at the Denver PSI Office(303-331-8440) will accept any credit card

payments to contribute. Please tell him that is for Alexis.

Please also send me an email and let me know what it is being contributed.

If you would like to contribute with cash or check please let me know and we can

setup a way to get it taken care of.

Hi Team!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

I have been asked by Keith to journal about my experience with my BP. Well here it is....

I've known for a long while that I was expected to have a successful BP to support my Team and myself.

I was not planning ahead and doing enough inviting to have a decent event. In the last days before the event was to take place, I did not have enough people confirmed to have a fairly successful presentation.

I know it effected my team, because we were counting on having some enrollments, and also Bryan did have a guest and was ok with canceling, however, I know it could have been an enrollment. Cindy also had a guest, and that one may also have been an enrollment. The other 5 guests all canceled that morning. I know that if I had lots of guests confirmed, those 5 would not have made a difference in having the BP or not.

It also effected me because I spent much valuable time inviting and calling people, only to have them say they are busy. If they were given a months notice, they may have been opened and attended.

My life would be much more filled with success, if I started planning big things early on in increments, rather than attempting to rush to get it done with too little time.

My kids and boyfriend are also effected by this and they pay for this, by seeing me frazzled and feeling bad about not having the success that I would like to have.

Like everyone else, I'm playing PLD to become aware of the habits that are holding me back from what I want.

This is certainly going to stick out in my mind for my next planned event!

I'm going to reschedule my BP for another day. It will be very different this time.

I apologize to Keith and DR for asking them to commit to me and not doing enough to make it happen.

I wish for all of you a peaceful night's sleep :-)

Thanks for all of your support,


Hello Team!

I just wanted to make a final effort in enrolling all of LIVBigXII to come to my

BP tomorrow night and bring a guest! Here are 11 reasons why you would want to

enroll someone to my BP tomorrow night:

1. They might sign up to take the Basic! YAYYYY!!!

2. You may make a HUGE impact in someone else's life and change the course of

the universe...WOA!

3. Giver's Gain...and if you take your boss to the basic maybe they will give

you a raise...cha-ching :)

4. Having the PSI Basic in Denver is special and we all must do our part to

keep it here.

5. Some of us need new Skydiving buddies :)...ahhemm...Brady, Scott, Brian,

Jen, Terry...

6. Final circle is an amazing experience that continues long, long, long after

the end of the night.

7. There is a person out there waiting...in the waiting place...eww NOOOO...NOT

THE WAITING PLACE!...for you to reach out and make a difference in their world.

8. You have bragging rights..."CHECK ME OUT!"

9. We have been filling up our cups for the last 60 days and it has created an

overflow...Now we need to go out and serve others with this overflow. Borrowed

from the beautiful Lisa Nichols.

10. Did I mention that the person might sign up to take the Basic????

11. You will all be rewarded generously!...I'm practicing dirty politics since

I will be a U.S. Senator soon.

Also, I need someone to run the Tot-Spot as Michelle informed me today that she

is not able to do it. Please let me know A.S.A.P via text or phone call.

And lastly, I wanted to share a win with YOU! I got a phone call earlier today

and was informed that I am the new Zoning Board Assistant :) Getting into

government is a cinch! I am really enjoying this manifesting thing! Thank you

all for your amazing support. I am thrilled to pieces to be sharing this

journey with all you beautiful, amazing, treasured, forgiving, loving,

cherished, powerful leaders and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow October

6th, at 7:30pm at Innovative Real Estate located at 2460 W. 26th Ave #120-C,

Denver, CO 80211.

Lots of Love!

~ Melissa

Community Service Time

Okay peeps - YOU know you have community service time.... I know you have community service time!

Please refer to your PLD notebooks and remind yourselves that community service time must be served within 7 DAYS of earning it. Some of you are out of integrity with community service hanging out from over a week ago.

I will be here until at LEAST 4 pm today. Community service work is available today at the PSI office all day and Monday from 9 am until meeting time at 7 pm. If this pertains to you, get it handled. Let me know you're coming so I'm ready for you. (Jen has already scheduled hers for today however you can overlap on time)

PENALTY for not doing community service within the week - let's just say the "karma sheriff" is alive and well in the world. While there is no direct penalty within the game of PLD other than accruing more community service time, the way being out of integrity manifests itself in your life is, frankly, insidious.

Do something different.....only you can.


"Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it." "” Unknown


Terri Wilber

PLD Coordinator

PSI Seminars - Denver

direct line 303-800-5179

office number 303-331-8440

fax number 303-331-8399

Awesome job last night, Team LIV Big XIII!!! However we have to have a conversation about what's REAL. An enrollment counts for PLD when it's paid in full, not a deposit, a post-dated check or a note that says "don't process until xxxdatexxx" when that date is PAST the end of your game. So, we've got some follow-up to do with our people and creating urgency with them to get the details handled. These peeps already see value or they wouldn't have signed up for the class. Now, bring it on home!!!

Here is what came in yesterday.... (previous team score 54)

Barb - Nashon Cisneros (no money/needs payment)

Jamie Robinson (needs to bring post dated check to current)

Melissa - Andrea Flores (needs money from her two mysterious sponsors - please call with your CC# halves!!)

2 Cortley Lolly (scholarship from Dan, counts for PLD)

Fernando Borray (dep of 1/2, needs balance from KK)

Jill Pfankuch (paid in full/PIF)

Scott - Jack Lackey (PIF)


Brady - Shaughn O'Neil (deposit, Shaughn is calling balance into Scott Moore today)

Stephanie - Dana Reyes (post dated cc slip to 11/20 - can we move this up at all??!!)

Terry - Dominic Hogendorn (PIF)


Bryan - Timothy Floyd (PIF)


Stacey - Paul Kriescher (PIF)

2 Jason Rausch (PIF)

So right now, that is 6 new enrollments to put you at a Team Score of 60. When these little details are handled and all of the above are brought to current, it COULD add 6 more and bring your team score 66, meaning you would only need 6 more for SOE.

Come ON, team LIV Big XIII,



"Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it." "” Unknown


Terri Wilber

PLD Coordinator

PSI Seminars - Denver

direct line 303-800-5179

office number 303-331-8440

fax number 303-331-8399

Re: Great job last night!! Here's what's REAL....


That Dana even enrolled is huge...and she did so because she could process her

credit card so that it will not appear on her statement until December, giving

her time to come up with the money. I am working with her in the next week to

manifest $500. When she does, she will write a check, and cancel the credit

card payment....therefore making a big step toward overcoming money programs,

and also helping the team reach their goal.

I am also working on other enrollments.


Hi Guys,

Now I am looking for some enrollment support. I have a friend, Eric, who is

ready to enroll, however has some financial issues that should be resolved in

the spring. I want him in the December Basic. I think he would be willing to pay

for $250.00 or $300.00 today, however I really need some help covering the rest.

I am asking for $15 or $20 from each of you, and whatever is lacking, I will

cover personally. Please let me know as I need to do this by noon today. I

really appreciate it. Talk to you all soon.

Sexy Scotty

Re: [LIVBigXIII] update on team score

Ok my gal from last night may b backing out ...need to call her...in apps

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

From: Terri Wilber

Sender: LIVBigXIII@yahoogroups.com

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:52:22 -0600


ReplyTo: LIVBigXIII@yahoogroups.com

Subject: [LIVBigXIII] update on team score

1. I heard a new definition of PLD this weekend, that you may or may not have

heard that is funny as *** & may have served me DURING the game, it's just

plain funny now...PLD...PLEASE LET ME DIE! :)

2. I am have decided if I am staying at the hotel Saturday...wondering if

anyone would like one more in their room if I do!?

3. If anyone would like support in getting their makeup done before Acknight?

I would LOVE to support you...it's so fun for me. We could meet early in

someone's room. NO Scott, Bryan & Brady that does not mean YOU! (OR Keith &

DR!) On second thought....

4. OK...one more...I miss you all so much...I am so stinkn excited to see each

& every one of your smiling faces!

5. My first run of COS @ the basic in Mpls was FANTASTIC! our Basic was this

weekend & it ROOOOOOOOOOOOCKED! Our first EVER BP/Graduation is tomorrow if you

know anyone & want to send them. The Westin in Edina. 7 Registration.

6. THE BEST PART...I have FIVE people playing PLD from Mpls in the Jan Denver

Basic! I am soooooooooooooooo dang pumped! I am looking at more. Found two

Coach of Coaches in Mpls who are also wanting to coach so we are looking at MORE

MORE MORE players! We are gonna rock this next PLD! HMMMMMMMMMM...just a

thought Dan & Terri...when I have more players in Mpls than in Denver perhaps

holding our three weekdns here is something to consider! :)

We had 20+ reaudits/staff ...I didn't even know we had that many here! Plus

there are more...our dream of PSI Mpls is happening NOW!

Monetary Loss: $7500.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #594101

All I can say is WOW. I am not a cult member nor am I an ***.

I had a very positive experience for over two years with PSI Seminars. I did not have any involvement with network marketing. Dan Gibbons is an amazing human being as is Tim O'Kelly. As fas as I know, any invovlement is voluntary and everyone who I met has had a positive experience with this organization.

All you haters...must not be very successful..or you wouldnt be so hateful.


I learned from Tom Willhite at PSI Semianrs and created my own Klemmer and Associates cult of samurai, Klemmer compassionate samurai, Klemmer cult, Klemmer advance leadership cult. My goal is to fool naive christians, lost souls and people down on their luck that they can be greater than their past and charge them $15K for 15% improvement in network marketing. How much do you make a month in network marketing?


This thread is wild...is this how PSI cults run by Janet Henze of Janet Henze Enterprises LLC, foothill ranch and her friend Dan Gibbons and Tim O'kelley the sexual predator ran the PSI cult? What soned out zombies write that way - PSI "family" Is "family" an euphemism for "CULT"?

Is Janet Henze still peddling her fat samurai philosphies to overweight pill peddlers at Klemmer samurai camp? Fat coaches should not get in front of the room..they have no track record of accomplishment...like Janet Henze, Dan Gibbons - take away the audience of zombies and they shrivel back to their underachieving pot bellies and tee vee


Meet the perfect cult candidate - divorced, resentful, disconnected from society, bossy pays for others to go to calsses, disrespects the opinion of others...DonR of Avondale, AZ - still working to pay off his mortgage....and a family that resents him even more for taking PSI semianrs and chasing women in PLD to the embarassment of his wife...!!


PSI Denver office is run by a dubious character, with a checkered history of commodities, gold coin, hope *** seminars, lotions and potions from isagenix, who wants to own his own business but finds himself crawling back into the erratic arms of PSI Seminars. The manipulation, sensing your weakness, painting idealistic views of the world to fit your perception, are common techniques. It is both a mindset and a leadership problem focused on fluff ( beingness ) without character (substance) ..deal with PSI Seminars Denver office and Dan at your own risk...after you meet him...go look over how you have been manipulated...the signs are all there...dont let the words integrity, and leadership from the PSI Denver Cult office fool you..its how they act not what they say..Talk is cheap and PSI Seminars is a cheap company, for bottom dwellers, lead by thugs skilled in emotional manipulation.


Dan Gibbons cult promoter for PSI Seminars Denver is buddies with another cult promoter from Klemmer and Associates, Steven Hinton, Income builders Forum. so heads up on other cults spinning off, and Steve is reviving Ocean of Experts, another baby cult courtesy of Steve Hinton?

Steve Hinton was Brian Klemmer's side kick, rubbing off on each others snake oil tactics to foll the masses..think it was Steve Hinton, cult promoter, that first called Klemmer and Associates graduates - sheepies, class act eh? And Brian Klemmer loved Steve hinton, till steven Hinton cult promoter cost him money..so much for being a compassioante samurai--Y'all watch out now Klemmer Graduates of personal mastery..you are next to be robbed of your savings in exchange for hope dop@!!!


Lets have KDVR FOX 31 in Denver interview Dan Gibbons, Cult promoter ISAGENIX distributor, gold coins peddlar, and hope *** snake oil salesman interviewed on TV. WE SO WANT THE SECRETS of PSI Semianrs EXPOSED on TV...GR8tsinger and Dan Gibbons with Jane Willhite - we need investigative TV..GO KDVR Fox 31...PSI Seminars is ripe for the plucking - EXPOSE their cult tactics!!

to ISAGENIX #1309997

Something SERIOUSLY needs to be done about these groups. They are still going and sucking people in left and right with people who don't consider doing the research before attending.

We HAVE to come up with a solution to the destruction they are wreaking. I am ready to do something about it!!

to Expose them #1328439

I think everyone on this site who wants something done about these groups needs to collaborate. Class action lawsuit anyone? I am gaining many contacts in the anti-cult field: professionals who have dealt with the aftermath of mind coercive groups just like this one.


Hope Janessa Willhite turns out better than her parents or Aunty shirley Hunt, the evil manipulative conniving man hater behind psi seminars and holding /denying refunds.

PSI seminars has no taste and facilitators and leadership have no ability to discern character and integrity...why..?

Why even bother taking classes from PSI seminars? They do not practice what they preach...from integrity of refunds to hiring littley dosanjh and turning a blind eye to LB semianrs practices is atrocious. The people at the top behave strangely, Jane willhite was best "man" for Bruce Conching and Janet McCoy - two cult promoters in Los Angeles that work for PSI. Then Bruce conching, PSI semianrs Area director for las vegas and Los Angeles and Orange county started his on again , off again coke habit..His now ex-wife Janet Henze was oblivious ( so much for awareness of others Janet Henze !), Bruce visited Betty Ford, then Jane gave him a chance to work at the Ranch leading Men's Leadership (MLS) way to go men !! Following a coke addict like Bruce Conching daimyo and running around the woods swearing allegiance to their silly eagle ring..boys will be boys. Bruce then siphoned off some japanese Graduates from his "best man" and boss - Jane willhite, to feed his own also ran seminar on maui, and ended up in a nasty lawsuit with PSI seminars. These women do fight for wants"theirs graduates" now Bruce is banished to Maui contemplating his return with his loyal follower Margaret Zimmer. Such forgiveness and win win in the PSI seminars philosophy ( ant its a thought ) that together with the lies Shirley Hunt tells to protect PSI Teflon image...(understanble but not natural you get it shirley??) and hiring a string of addicts and sexual predators like Tim O'kelley ..makes taking seminars a joke. Stay home and watch a psi opera...its a joke and they just want your money..Just look at thow they treat their employees. and oh..Bruce conching is now starting his own hawaiian seminar and working with this ex-wife Janet Henze and Greg Kawamoto all ex-psi seminars of coaches for Klemmer and associates,another cult of samurai as well !! Janet Henze coaches for Klemmer and Associates, a person in perpetual denial about Bruce Conching's drug use, her weight and anger, and sues the best man at her wedding to bruce for back wages and commission..now isnt that leadership? Denial, flawed leadership, bad contracts, marrying people with addictions...dont you want janet henze of Henze Enterprises foothill ranch to coach you?

How did PSI screw up the Los Angeles leadership with Jan Kempton, Greg Kawamoto, Janet Henze and Bruce conching ( grandaddy of self sabotage and BS )???

Does it make you wonder the DYSFUNCTION you are paying for ? does it make you wonder about the leadership and facilitators?? AND YOU PAY MONEY FOR THIS *** from PSI ????????????


Great post and warning regarding Living by Choice, PSI Seminars, Klemmer and associates : Cults attract three different kinds of people. A few see immediately that there's money to be made from it while others are idealistic, looking for the answers to life.

But the vast majority are experiencing a trauma, such as redundancy or a relationship break-up, at the time they're recruited.

The fact is, cults prey on the vulnerable.

Beware of Dwight Min in Hawaii, Janet Henze in Orange county, Greg Kawamoto in Los Angeles, Joey in Las Vegas, Dan Gibbons in Denver, they are all peddling some offshoot of psi seminars


I think Terri is an amazing woman. Though PSI Seminars may have a few faults, it is a great program overall. I have had many successes in my life, marriage, and friendships because of my involvement with PSI.

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