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I’ve been with my wife/best friend for 18 years. We have a 5 year old daughter together and have been a happy family up until this psi Seminar.

We’re already struggling financially. The person I know inside and out is now literally a stranger to me. She just did the basic seminar and invited me to her “graduation” . She knows I’m super sceptical about this already but was ADAMANT that I come to support her receiving her “diploma” .

I told her that based on what I’ve read that it’s probably just a sales pitch to wrangle others in. She assured me it wasn’t. Immediately after the ceremony she ambushed me and had people ready prompted to pounce on me. I can’t believe my best friend and mother of my daughter is so lost that she tried doing this to me.

I walked out without scene but felt so betrayed. A 3 day seminar and BAM, just like that I no longer know who she is. She’s empty like a zombie. She’s now scrambling to come up with the funds for the next level.

We’re already barely getting by. Thanks a lot psi!!!! You’ve torn apart a young family. My beautiful daughter even notices a difference in mama.

I don’t know how you sleep at night. Another family DESTROYED. I’m gonna make sure I share my story so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. As for my family, it’s irreparable damage.

And chunk, I’m a medium and Wayne dyer politely asks you to keep his name out of your mouth. He doesn’t and has never approved of this nonsense. He was all about helping people find inner peace, not destroying lives. Makes me sick to my stomach literally.

This is pure evil. I’m going to the media about this. You guys might be able to filter negative experiences on YouTube but not the media. Profiting off of weak people is a sin.

Think of that when you’re stacking money. You’ll get yours in the end chunky. That I can GUARANTEE! That’s not a threat by me to you by the way.

I don’t have a violent bone in my body but we all eventually have consequences on the other side. You’ll see soon enough if you don’t lay off the KFC. This company is out for one thing and one thing only PROFIT! PLEASE STAY AWAY.

Learn from my heartbreak. This should be illegal!! Heartless lying ACTORS!

18 year marriage destroyed in 3 days! I’m devastated.

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Thanks for sharing. A friend invited me to this and I didn't feel comfortable. I won't be going now for sure.