PSI Seminars induce exactly this kind of regression.

Dealing with persons with psychopathic personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder. They've become stuck in the small child object relations phase, lack empathy, but are in adult bodies and can speak the adult rhetoric of person hood. But they use others as objects. They can often induce bliss and romance us. But the acid test is--they are incapable of reciprocating our loyalty. One need not feel loyal to an object.

PSI. They process subjects to regard all other persons as objects, while hiding this behind the noble language of personhood and human potential. The actual relationships are objectifying, cloaked with the soulful language of person-hood.

Loyalty is unreciprocated. At PSI Seminars we are all objects, not people. Relationships are a game of chess. Pain is rationalized as meaningless or a mere racket. The bliss is the mere product of diddling people's nerve ends according to a standardized recipe that is copied, pasted and used by many organizations--all claiming to be unique but drearily similar when the techniques are itemized, compared and contrasted.

The message is clear. PSI Seminars will destroy your life and the lives of the ones left behind.

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