I just took the PSI basic last weekend looking for self improvement. Yes, people should learn and grow.

Yes, change is hard and you need to come out of your comfort zone. Yes, life isn't want you expected and you've either disappointed yourself or others. Yes, you want to make a difference and awaken the spirit within you. However...don't get caught like Hansel and Gretel...so hungry that they couldn't resist.

What's missing in your life? What are you hungry for? Be smart on how you get it. What doesn't look right, smell right, sound right...(however that saying goes) probably isn't right.

1. What kind of legitimate education course runs till midnight on Thur and Fri? Then have you come back full day Sat and Sun? Think about it.

2. What kind of course asks you to pay $500 -$700 but won't tell you what it's all about. You're not going to the movies. You won't find good surprises here, although you'll be lured into thinking so.

Instead, you'll come back with problems you never knew you had. I don't call that a surprise...and it's not the right kind of personal insight either. There are better ways. 3.

If there are negative blogs all over the net regarding this seminar doesn't it ring alarm bells? Keep surfing, get enough info to make an informed decision. I spent over 8hrs finding loads of info, unfortunately only after I went to the basic. Be smart!

If you still decide you'd like to go. What price are you willing to pay? Not financially but cognitively. Would you open your mind to someone who isn't even a liscenced practioner?

I was there...I don't care if it's hypnotism, brainwashing whatever. It's guided imagery where they take you back in time and conjure some of your deepest feelings as a kid. I think the practice is beneficial but not done in a group setting by some facilitator! Even if you go in there thinking you're smart with no issues and you're all happy, they won't get you...well be very careful.

My happy go lucky friends who were satisfied with life came out wanting more. The facilitator will want you to be in the now, be open, listen, get your money's worth. And everyone else around you is getting so much out of it. Don't feel that you have to get it.

That's when they'll get you. The countless exercises will get you. The meditation, the voice of the narrator, the dim lights, the imagery will get you. And most importantly, do not get suckered into signing up for the next course on the last day (Sunday).

$6000 is not cheap. Ever heard of buyer's remorse? You can get quality education (Universites - continuing education programs), enlightment, and practictioners for that kind of money. Get it from the right people.

I don't know what it's called or what it is but I notice that my feelings are now somehow attached to that seminar. I can hear the facilitators voice in my head to keep my word, don't be a victim, be a contributor, it's not for everyone, it's my choice, speak from the "I", "What other people think is none of my business", don't be a sand wasp, conditioning/ programs, 100% intention, win-win...oh did they every distort this philosophy. And the peace of mind model...??? Take a close look at it.

Does it make any sense? What does career and financial have anything to do with mental? There are other models out there. Take only what make sense to you.

I'm the type of person who reads the stuff online but won't contribute whether good or bad. However this time, I think it's really important to not be passive, please please share your thoughts for all to hear. Get the word around...ya, they got me motivated alright...to shut them down! Believe what you want.

According to them, I'm creating a story and seeing only what I want to see. I'm not asking you to justify my story. What you think it none of my business. However be open, you don't know what you don't know...and if you're having doubts about this program...you know more than you think you do.

Think it through...I"m not your obstacle or your negative support group.

Just remember the nightingale fairy tale. Gerardo

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Katie, you husband was probably already thinking of leaving you. The seminars probably gave him the courage to go through with it. The seminars create a greater self awareness and tool to make good decisions in your life.


I have attended and paid for their classes up to Men's Leadership. I personally got my money's worth. It's all very personal. Much of the discussion I see here is how they have been victimized. I love to be around those that have trained themselves to not be a victim - either by making better choices or by not drilling in their mind "I am a victim."

In society we tend to reward 'being a victim' in a way it discourages us to become our best. Why work when I can get some 'victim' subsidy? It just brings you further down.

Anyway, I know how people going through this program (myslef included) get their beliefs and feelings tested to the fullest. It's not for everyone but it can help some to fuel their greatness.

Best wishes to all! :)

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