Heather wrote at 3:44pm on March 4th, 2009

Hey Everyone! I am so driven in life now that I have graduated WLS. I did the Basic Seminar Jan 29th, four days later went to PSI 7, and then five days later went to WLS. I see the vision. I have felt the urgency needed to make changes in my life and my true vision came to me at WLS. My vision and purpose in life is to be of service to those all over the world. I will create and cause some kind of change in this world. PSI Seminars has a great vision, but it needs to be taken a step further or the vision will die. I will be a part of creating the first of many expansions of PSI all over the world. The first step for me, is getting to principia, so that I may also become a facilitator. With that being said, I am asking for support from my fellow PSI graduates. I exhausted my credit cards and bank account just doing what it took to get through Basic to WLS this last month. I need to raise $3800 to go to principia by March 6th, Friday to get the discounted price anyway).

Now tell me this is "Normal."

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i beleive it is illegal to keep monies received for anticipated services if the services are never rendered "signed policy" or not.they may be entitled to a portion but not all of it. A piece of sighned paper does not mean the laws are null and void regardless of a companies "policies".


indoctrination in ideas that have not yet been proven through the test of time is how all great crimes against people occur,sadly quite often by those whose intentions were pure.

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