PSI people are committed to supporting each other when they start talking about getting divorced and assisting each other to be successful and exceptional. That is of course until they start coming down from the "˜high' they've experience and then are thrown away, because face it who wants to be around "˜negative' people.

One of the ways they do this is by using the tools that PSI teaches- and that comes with a "language" and concepts. Which like Landmark, can sound weird to people who haven't been in the course. Right now, I know the corporate office is working on getting rid of the "˜verbiage' and making the language common. Changing it to blend into the woodwork so they don't get any bad press about being a cult.

And make no mistake people PSI IS A CULT!!!!!!!!!

And I am sorry I was ever involved in it.

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Hope Janessa Willhite turns out better than her parents or Aunty shirley Hunt, the evil manipulative conniving man hater behind psi seminars and holding /denying refunds.

PSI seminars has no taste and facilitators and leadership have no ability to discern character and integrity...why..?

Why even bother taking classes from PSI seminars? They do not practice what they preach...from integrity of refunds to hiring littley dosanjh and turning a blind eye to LB semianrs practices is atrocious. The people at the top behave strangely, Jane willhite was best "man" for Bruce Conching and Janet McCoy - two cult promoters in Los Angeles that work for PSI. Then Bruce conching, PSI semianrs Area director for las vegas and Los Angeles and Orange county started his on again , off again coke habit..His now ex-wife Janet Henze was oblivious ( so much for awareness of others Janet Henze !), Bruce visited Betty Ford, then Jane gave him a chance to work at the Ranch leading Men's Leadership (MLS) way to go men !! Following a coke addict like Bruce Conching daimyo and running around the woods swearing allegiance to their silly eagle ring..boys will be boys. Bruce then siphoned off some japanese Graduates from his "best man" and boss - Jane willhite, to feed his own also ran seminar on maui, and ended up in a nasty lawsuit with PSI seminars. These women do fight for wants"theirs graduates" now Bruce is banished to Maui contemplating his return with his loyal follower Margaret Zimmer. Such forgiveness and win win in the PSI seminars philosophy ( ant its a thought ) that together with the lies Shirley Hunt tells to protect PSI Teflon image...(understanble but not natural you get it shirley??) and hiring a string of addicts and sexual predators like Tim O'kelley ..makes taking seminars a joke. Stay home and watch a psi opera...its a joke and they just want your money..Just look at thow they treat their employees. and oh..Bruce conching is now starting his own hawaiian seminar and working with this ex-wife Janet Henze and Greg Kawamoto all ex-psi seminars of coaches for Klemmer and associates,another cult of samurai as well !! Janet Henze coaches for Klemmer and Associates, a person in perpetual denial about Bruce Conching's drug use, her weight and anger, and sues the best man at her wedding to bruce for back wages and commission..now isnt that leadership? Denial, flawed leadership, bad contracts, marrying people with addictions...dont you want janet henze of Henze Enterprises foothill ranch to coach you?

How did PSI screw up the Los Angeles leadership with Jan Kempton, Greg Kawamoto, Janet Henze and Bruce conching ( grandaddy of self sabotage and BS )???

Does it make you wonder the DYSFUNCTION you are paying for ? does it make you wonder about the leadership and facilitators?? AND YOU PAY MONEY FOR THIS *** from PSI ????????????


you all are dumb'***. your wives or husbands left ur *** because you all are such losers that you cant even complain right.

LOSERS!!! lol.

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