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Basic and PSI 7 were great. Great, only if you continue to do the work afterwards, like any other self development program.

I went thru with PLD and removed myself from it 2 weeks in. I quickly recognized how they were using brainwashing tactics and peer pressure to invest more into their program. As good of an experience I had in Basic and 7, it was washed away when I saw the negative colors of PLD. If you have a sense of family, support and community, you will quickly recognize the need to disassociate yourself from this program.

Heavy sales, heavy pressure, heavy emotional blackmail. Poor resources run the program. They are ill trained to work with strong minded people and work on making you see that YOU are a problem. Important to note: once you know who YOU are, you never need to conform to any organization or group.

Best thing I learned from PLD after I removed myself after 2 weeks: I’m so proud I know how to walk away from a bad situation and be the only person standing up alone and believing in myself, even when they tried there very best to make me think I was the problem. That, truly is a gift.

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Thank you for sharing your honest experience. Even in the basic course I noticed a)peer pressure b) hours of trying to sell you the next thing and c) worst of all, actual shaming!

They try to make you believe that you MUST pay for their next program and if you don't then you are not one of the "elites" or the "exceptional" and you must be "resistant".

They disempower ppl by hiding the course dates (forcing you to talk to them for the list so they can pressure u into it), instead of just being UPFRONT about all the simple info. Just SIMPLE things like for the PSI7 course that you pay thousands for, they DON'T EVEN GIVE YOU A WRITTEN


Agreed. Many self help books pass the same message along.

PSI DID NOT come up with these concepts. They are fundamentals of any self development work. I repeat, PSI did not come up with the concepts.

There’s a very good reason why PSI is not popular amongst educated people; these people are very aware of the brain washing tactics. Any organization that has to pressure sells is an obvious reason NOT to continue with them.