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I'm amazed at how everyone on this site sounds like a VICTIM when discussing the PSI Seminars. This site is called "pissed consumer"... You're pissed because you chose to be pissed.

I'm not a Seminar Attendee, just someone who see a bunch of people pissed off at their lives.

If your husband or wife left you, so What? Now What?

Maybe he or she was actually Unhappy with their relationship. Millions of husbands and Wives leave their relationships everyday and it doesn't take a seminar to push them out the door.

If they left, what did you do to push them out.

Be Responsible, not a Victim.

And how can you judge ANYTHING, That you know nothing about?

Would you like to be judged by what someone else heard on the grapevine?

and if someone wants to better their lives, so be it. who are you to decide whats best for someone else other than your self?

I can only imagine that thousands of others have found great success with such seminars and it's only natural that a small few had negative effects from it.

That's go live it instead of complaining about it.

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Watch Bruce conching, Channel 13 Fox Seattle interview ,you might feel better. Jane Willhite was his "best man" at his wedding to Janet McCoy(Henze). All wonderful PSI Seminars trained ex-employees that could use your financial donation to their new cult course, ALOHA or no moolah...they want you...sign up...go know only seminars can fix you..nothing else..its all about the self help guru, even one that went into rehab 3 times, hehas much to share about addictions...go on....


More victims of LGAT soon to fall to living by choice, and ike pono hawaii seminars. two wanna be PSI Seminar types started by ex=graduates, ex-employees, ex-facilitators, and ex-rehab graduates of Betty Ford, Bruce Conching, a man of his word and his ex-wife Janet Henze, a woman in denial and ex-Klemmer and Associates samurai camp coach, and Greg Kawamoto, ex-psi employee that committed adultery while selling integrity...Good luck folks have been warned


So, I haven't noticed that my sister (who took the PSI course this year) is angry about anything. She seems more excited about life and not as bothered by the little things.

And she took the course more than 9 months ago! When should I expect her to stop talking to me? And when does the anger kick in? I hate to *** people off by saying this, but she seems pretty happy to me.

So far (cross your fingers for me), so good. But I will come back here and post if she starts going crazy!


obviously a smug self satisfied pro psi shill, people are expressing their pain and this *** is so self centered that he is obviously a predator in the mode of 'satisfy your own needs at the expense of others",


The word 'victim' describes me fairly well.

I attended the PSI seminar in 2002 as a requirement to retain a management position at the company I work for. I had no idea what it was.

The seminar itself brought out every dark thing in my soul and almost cost me the relationship with my future wife and everyone else around me. I was so filled with unfocused rage about everything anyone had ever done to me and filled with the bs concept of "it's all about me".

When I came down from my brainwashing, I was furious at them and myself for being weak enough to be taken down by them. My only defense is that I was a troubled person then and that they are extremely good at what they do.

My company has repeatedly tried to force me to go back the last eight years and has now used an incident that was totally misreported to say that I need anger management and if I do not go back my services are no longer required.

I am a two time manager of the year candidate at my very large company and am not someone that has ever been on the *** of losing his job before. I am very good at what I do.

I fly out to this seminar tomorrow and will fight them with every possible trick, dirty or clean, at my disposal. When I get back, I will be giving notice to my employer, based on the fact that joining a cult is a job requirement. They are lucky if I don't sue.

Thanks for the venue to express my fury.


I attended the PSI basic in 2006 on a whim...girlfriend. I was already successful in business and have quite a history in psychology and philosophy. With that said, I found it to be good for those who could generalize some of the obvious healthy self projections, however there was some "***" that was downright irresponsible and dangerous. This is not for the emotionally disturbed!

Our fearless leader made all kinds of claims that all seemed to be hyperbole. I guess he forgot how resourceful the internet can be in the right hands…this dude was full of doo doo. I called him on it and he got pissed, really pissed but the damaged had been done as I had quite a few people praise me for putting him in his place. At the end of the seminar they bring in the big muscle to cajole you into PSI 7. Well, I wanted to get my money’s worth so I ***ked with them; hey babe, I’m the real deal, why don’t you score me a better deal than the rest of these losers in the room. I didn’t really mean it; I just wanted to see how far I could take it. I guess I went a little Howard Stern meets Jeff Spicoli on them. Needless to say, it was a blast. I actually told one of the big-wig’s that I had Multiple Personality Disorder and one of them was compulsive spender; he had to buy anything he didn’t have. Then I just whispered that I also had a psychopathic female personality that protects the spender from harm. I could go into more but I needs to get back to work.

I would not recommend PSI to anyone as I think you would be better off soul searching on your own. For anyone who wants to go, go but take responsibility for yourself and don't allow yourself to become the victim as you know what’s good for you.

Good luck!


Nothing but whiny cry baby victims on this board. Do something about your life instead of complaining about it on the internet.

You are a bunch of loser!!!

No wonder the people in your life left you. Who would want to put up with all that ***!


Add another marriage to the list.

Black Lick, Pennsylvania, United States #42788

You can add another marriage to the list. Hubby came home and filed for divorce. Thanks PSI; enjoy!!!

Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #11572

My wife left me after her return from PSI7. She said she wanted to find her "number 10 relationship." Funny that she called me her "soul-mate" all these years then to up and leave without any warning is hard to take.

Does PSI really Brainwash these people?

Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #10867
My wife returned from PSI7 last week and walked out on Tuesday telling me she wants a divorce. She cannot give me a reason why other than to say "this is what's right for me." :cry Now that I've seen these posts on this and other websites I can understand why.

She started acting very strangely when she got done with the basic. Then to spend all this money in a very short period of time.
Forest, Virginia, United States #10493

I went to the basic and left after the 2nd night when we were guided in meditation to "get rid of all the disappointments of our past". When everyone started bawling and they played "desperado" i knew i had to get out.

a friend of mine suggested the basic and i got no less than 5 follow up calls (from her and others) after not returning for day 3 to be sure "i was all right". Not one of the callers would accept that I thought the class was BS and that I didnt need it. (denial is the sign you are really in need -- they say)

my friend is now leaving her husband and children to further follow the PSI path .....

PSI is a cult and a scam. PSI lovers say as you will but I've been to the basic and i know the truth

Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #9250

I am from Denver and have watched (name removed) being a sexual predator in the PSI class. He teaches the class and then gets women to trust him and leads women on with lies and convinces them to *** with him. I know of several already he has done this too and was disgusted that this was part of the program. It leads to the question; is this what goes on in this cult company? No better than Jim Jones for the most part. I have even written the owner Jane several months ago (several times) and see that nothing has changed so she must be Okaying this as I have let her know. The fact that she does nothing only confirms the company is sick as she has been made fully aware. My husband has asked me not to be involved anymore than what I already am and that was contacting the right person which I did. Yet to spite all my concern it obviously didn't matter. I am disgusted. I thought J**e was a person of integrity which is what they preach at you but if integrity means being emotionally opened up by a sexual predator teaching you then watching this go on to woman after woman after woman please give us all a break. I am not the only one who has watched this I can only assume others have told J**e the owner as I have myself. I will warn others if I have too to beware.

Dear (name removed),

I am responding to your narrow minded complaint. I have been around the classes for over 10 years. These are the best courses around. J**e has hired the best there is. These are real people, with real lives. Tim has done these classes for at least 10 years that I know of. He has done all of my family members basics. He is best instructor bar none. Has he had relationships with graduates? Of course he has. Find one man in this company who hasn't. Let me broaden your small scope!!!

(Name Removed) was the best of all the PSI instructors; he was in and out of rehabs the whole time, serious drug addiction, and a sex-alcohol. Do you know any other great men with this issue??? He changed more lives for the better than anyone I know of. Did he struggle with his woman issues (many times!!!!!!!?)

Greg K (area director LA) just recently stole a graduate’s wife and is living with her.

M*** and J*** (speakers at Principia) enjoyed a three-way with (name removed) (lucky) (recognize the name? President of PSI World's daughter)

My girlfriend walked in on a chick from Las Vegas, shall I say pleasuring B*** and C**** (Area Directors of SF and Phoenix) at the same time at Principia behind the tent.

(Name removed) (Area Director Denver) has a mistress that he flies in almost weekly, not to mention his ' Denver stable.' I know personally that every instructor has slept with a graduate; I have slept with 2 of them myself.

I could go on and on!!! Here is a truth. All of these men are great men. The boys in this company bring in the money!!! The girls spend it.

Your attack on J*** is misguided, I think. We are all adults and make our own choices! The women involved also made choices. Find me one company that does not have these issues.

J*** has the oldest seminar company in the US. 33 years of the best courses on the planet. You will not find another Woman who cares more deeply about people than her. If anyone deserves a Nobel peace it is her (not Al Gore).

Does she have to deal with a lot of *** like we all do, who own companies. Yes.

Give her a break; the work is great the people are human. Enjoy it!!!


Talk bout narrowed minded!!!! Have you read what you wrote here? You have been around the classes for over 10 years? Can you even spell BRAINWASHING? T** has done all of your family members basic's? How many of those family members have thrown away their relationships with their loved ones? T** has had relationships with graduates? How ethical is that? I assume he is being paid to teach these classes right? He was supposed to maintain his objectivity you closed minded ***.

***** is the best PSI instructor(?) is in and out of rehab, is a drug addict and a sex alcoholic, but has changed more lives “ the better.” How? How does he change the lives of these people for the better? Does he screw these women behind the barn? Does he take advantage of these women when their defenses are lower during the BRAINWASHING?

***** stole a grad wife and is living with her. Again another ethical violation.

M*** and J**** enjoyed a three-way with ***** and you consider her lucky or the two guys?

Your girlfriend walked in on a woman having sex with two area directors of PSI at a Principia tent and you see nothing wrong with that. I thought PSI was supposed to enlighten people and make their lives better. What example are they setting? What exactly are you trying to say?

M***, area director of Denver, has a mistress he flies in weekly? Is she another PSI graduate that has been BRAINWASHED to believe the lies of PSI? And you could go on and on? Please do because it sounds like you have an axe to grind with PSI even though you say J*** had the oldest seminar in the country with the best courses in 33 years on the planet. And J*** does care about her people as long as they keep bringing in the MONEY.

As for me. PSI is a cult. Pure and simple. It destroyed the mind of my wife and turned her into a mindless drone. It destroyed her mind and she lost more than she gained. How did it “improve” her life? Well if didn't. It destroyed her mind; cost me my marriage and mental anguish for my daughters. What would you tell them? We all have a lot of *** to deal with in life; but why does PSI add to it?

And I think you should give ******** a break because the work is NOT great, it's bulls*it!!

Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #8998

I was surfing the web and decided to google “PSI” and found this site.

I was involved with PSI about three years ago. I too just recently woke up from the nightmare I put myself thru because I attended PSI Seminars.

I took the basic, PSI7 and played PLD. I did this because I wanted to save my marriage. My wife enrolled me in the “courses” and I believe it would save my marriage. My wife told me that if I did not attend she would leave me, as she told me that I wasn’t supporting her with her life.

When I went to PSI 7 my wife failed to pay the bills and upon my return the phone was turned off and my car was repossessed. I received the emotional support I needed from my PSI 7 group and felt better when they encouraged me to feel better. I was lucky to get my car back and thought that the “positive” thinking was the reason I got my car, but I realize it was due to hard work

After my returned from PSI 7 my wife again started “nagging” me to enroll and attend PLD; again to save the marriage. I had to set three goals for myself and, of course, enroll more people to the basic. I worked very hard to complete the goals. My first goal to quit smoking was very hard after being a habit for 18 years. My second goal was to write a book and have it published. My third goal was to get our finances in order after taking control of the bills. Not an easy feat as my wife would spend the money faster than I would make it.

The thing I didn't like about Psi or PLD then was the "recruitment" of people to go to Basic. We were to get at least two people signed up and the money paid by the end of the month if we wanted to stay in PLD. When I started I didn’t know anyone who wanted or needed to go to the BASIC. Anyone that I did know had already gone through the Basic and I had to sign at least eight people.

After a time I realized I couldn’t enroll anyone to PSI. At most I would talk to the people I knew and they would think I was crazy for even considering going to something so cult like. Some even asked if I drank too much cool aid. I would return home feeling dejected and the wife would berate me for failing. Failing in something as simple as enrolling people to PSI and failing at our marriage. My wife left me shortly after I quit PLD and we were divorced after a long court battle. She even used the argument that PSI is a cult to get custody of my kids, even though she went to this too. I considered suicide because of the depression, but couldn’t do that to my sons. This whole ordeal cost me more then the $10.000.00 dollars I spend on this. The emotional damage was worst. I considered what I lost and what I gained and the price was not worth it. It cost me my marriage; which would have been destroyed anyway. But to lose my sons and be a once a month father, and to lose the respect of my family and friends, was not worth the cost to my soul.

It has taken me the better part of two years to finally realize that PSI is ***. It destroyed my life as well as some of the others in my group. White lights and workshops? What a bunch of *** and I fell for it.

Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #8877

Rita, it was very interesting to read your post about PSI Seminars. This is my response to you. A lot of Thought Reform methods goes on in the first two seminars; the "trainers" play good cop bad cop. The last part is more rigorous Thought Reform + Group Think...if you snap out of it all you going be dealing with some cognitive dissonance to get your mind back. (You might want to look that up). Critical thinking is unacceptable. Grey areas of life are overlooked; everything is simplified to "BLACK" or "RED". (Remember that game?) They sell you the idea that justifications are made by the self righteous, but they make justifications for those who leave saying the person was not willing to own up to their experience, much like you did with your post, or they didn't "Show up" to begin with. When you see a different "possibility" it suggested away as "selling your self short" or "not setting yourself up to win". GRHHHHHHHH!!! Save your time and money (spend it well), see a licensed therapist, get frank and honest feedback from trusted friends, love ones, coworkers, bosses etc...if you feel you need to look at your unconscious behavior!!! (I would strongly suggest you get help Rita. And if you’re going to tout the “greatness” of PSI please learn to spell. I corrected your spelling below. It just leads me to believe that you are uneducated and don’t know any better.

It is so interesting to read what people make up in there (it’s spelled “their”) minds about this wonderful seminar. I suspose (it’s spelled “suppose”) if you are a negative sort of person, looking for a reason to stay in your ***, p.s.i. is definatly (it’s spelled “definitely”) not for you. People are pissed because they have to pay for this experience. No one mentions that there is a money back guarentee (it’s spelled “guarantee”) if you are not happy with the course. You can also reaudit (this word is usually hyphenated “re-audit”) this seminar any time you want to for the rest of your life for free!!!! (how much value do you place on your mind Rita?) I personally have presented this healing work to all my freinds (it’s spelled “friends”) and family (I was surprised you got this one right). I am here to say that doing this work has increased the greatness in my life exponetially (it’s spelled “exponentially”). I am forever greatful (and this one is spelled “grateful”) for the P.S.I experience, most sincerely, Rita Chance

My advise is to STAY AWAY from the P*ss and Sh*t Institute (PSI) !!!

Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #8392

PSI Seminars charges about $500 for the forum, but they don't care about your measly $500. They want that $500 to become $5,000 or even more by enrolling your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, neighbors, etc, etc.

So they meld the alleged "benefits" you derive from the program with the need to "invite" everyone in your life to PSI Seminars. Without doing so, you'll derive no benefits.

Stay away from PSI Seminars. That's the best advice anyone can give about this organization.

Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #7244
Many former PSI participants have said that the group they were in used coercive persuasion techniques.

A Stafford University professor identified "the key factors that distinguish coercive persuasion from other training and socialization schemes are:

1. The reliance on intense interpersonal and psychological attack to destabilize an individual's sense of self to promote compliance

2. The use of an organized peer group

3. Applying interpersonal pressure to promote conformity

4. The manipulation of the totality of the person's social environment to stabilize behavior once modified."

Coercive persuasion, also called "thought reform," is quite different from education, advertising, propaganda and indoctrination.

See []

This is a chart prepared by psychologist Margaret Singer.

Note the distinctions.

Most LGATs are run by for profit privately owned companies.

They are typically not subject to licensing or regulation, as are licensed professionals, such as marriage and family therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

People are safer going with licensed professionals and support groups facilitated by licensed professionals available through local social services, colleges, community centers or hospital services.
Chesapeake, Ohio, United States #7057
PSI Seminars should have gone the way of disco and mood rings, but for a few years it was hailed as the breakthrough of the ages, allowing human beings to transcend themselves, attain happiness, fulfillment, prosperity, and peace with all people.
I guess I was too thick or slow or ***, but I never got on board with PSI. I never did "get it!" That was the catch phrase that PSI "trainers" liked to use in their marathon indoctrination sessions, which typically took place in hotel ballrooms, where hundreds of people sat in straight-back, hard-*** chairs and forswore bathroom breaks.
What I did learn from the experience was that there are always people willing to take our money to make us happy and rich, popular and admired. All we have to do is present a major credit card and believe any dream can come true. Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!
El Cerrito, California, United States #6616

PSI Seminars is:

*a brainwashing seminar

*a pyramid scheme (legal because the labor is volunteered)

*group pressure/peer pressure

*skilled at harassment

*a 'targeted marketing corporation' (believe it, those are their own


*going to target YOU

*a neighborhood nightmare

*a social epidemic

*yes it IS a cult for the enthusiastic

*empty rhetoric

*a salesman that YOU pay to solicit YOU

*secretly writing down any information you share during the seminar

in order to solicit you in the future

*full of real estate agents, car salesmen, loan officers, travel

agents and more who are WATCHING YOU (and taking notes)- don't worry

they'll introduce themselves as new friends at a later date once

they know what your interests are. They are the ones who will help

you purchase, oops I mean realize your true potential

*not your friend

*bastardized philosophy and social science


*owned by the former board members of EST

*a more 'polished' and up to date version of EST

*required to have you sign a consent release form because of all

those messy suicide lawsuits back in the seventies and eighties

during the EST version

*not therapy



*a snake oil salesman with a friendly face

*full of ------ (fill in the blank) rhetorical logic riddled word

games that give you that warm 'I got it!' feeling

*a really bad idea

*a family and friend 'divider' not 'uniter'

*encouraging spouses NOT to tell their spouses what happened during

the seminar

*a really really expensive weekend, or more

*psychologically dangerous

*full of feel good fluff

*full of feel bad stuff

*wants you, your family, your friends, and your friends friends to

sign up

*wants YOU to recruit them, free of charge- because intra personal

relationships are the marketing mechanism of the future, oops, I

mean TODAY

*a class rate *** job

*not an accredited educational organization

*affects more people then you would ever guess

El Cerrito, California, United States #6421

The 1970s was a weird time. Recovered memories, self-improvement, and cults were all the rage. This time period laid the groundwork for companies like PSI Seminars to later emerge and thrive. The late psychologist and cult expert Dr. Margaret Singer dubbed organizations like PSI Seminars "Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGAT)". PSI Seminars could also be called "a for-profit private company, that delivers self-improvement and personal development coursework" (Wikipedia). Not happy in your career? Want more fulfilling relationships with others? Why not take the PSI Seminar Basic Course for $500?

Critics accuse LGAT's of using similiar thought-reform techniques as cult leaders do. Techniques used in LGAT include:

* meditation

* biofeedback

* self-hypnosis

* relaxation techniques

* visualization

* neuro-linguistic programming

* mind-control

* yoga

(Source: Wikipedia)

LGAT are usually long hours and last several days. They are highly emotional and use all the above techniques to manipulate the feelings of the people participating in the training. After one completes the training, he/she often feel like they are on a "high", but according to research, the feeling doesn't last. Research also shows that LGAT rarely instill *real* change into people's lives (Wikipedia).

Fast forward 30 plus years to my living room in Alameda last April. I had just finished pouring out my heart to my roommate about who I *really* wanted to be when I grew up. My roommate mentioned yet again how much PSI Seminars changed her life. "Just take the Basic course for $500. I swear it will change your life", she says. If this were anyone else I would have brushed them aside, but my roommate talked about PSI Seminars with such enthusiasm and with such meaning in her voice, I couldn't just brush her aside. If these courses had affect my smart, kind, successful roommate as much they seemed to, they must be worth it. So I called Carson at PSI Seminars and signed up the next day.

The next four days consisted of a bunch of highs, a bunch of lows, visualizations, emotional reenactments, group therapy and goal setting. Some of it was ***, some of it was helpful ($500 helpful, I don't think so!) and some of it was downright ***. And did I reach my goals that I set up at the seminar? Well, what do you think? Let's be real here. So you really want to change your life? Wonderful. Here's some advice that will actually change your life.

1. Get a therapist

2. Get a lifecoach

If you actually have goals to meet, things to do, places to go, people to see, lifecoaching is were it's at. I can even give you a rec for a good one in Walnut Creek. Ya wanna know why lifecoaching actually works and PSI Seminars doesn't? Because you see your lifecoach every week (or every other week) and more importantly, you are accountable to him/her! Take my advice, save the $7,000 you'd be spending on PSI Seminars and spend it on a lifecoach who will kick your ***!

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