Hi All (and a BIG HELLO to anyone from PSI checking on this site - Kiss my a**!!!!!!!),

Everything stated about PSI Seminars is absolutely correct. I was badgered by a trusted friend for months until I finally caved in, because I never imagined this person was involved in anything like this, nor did I think they were susceptible to being brainwashed. Little did I know.

I took the Basic and PSI7 and was sucked in at first, but I had reservations throughout the training. I observed how all of the trainers seemed so unhappy. Sure they put on a good front, but their 'joy and enthusiasm' didn't feel real to me at all. Lot of these trainers/staffers were involved with each other, some in the process of getting divorced, or recently divorced. I also felt like I was being 'watched' more than others at times. I didn't participate like other people who threw themselves into it wholeheartedly.

During the so-called 'cradling' or 'love bombing' deal, I didn't feel the 'love' others were feeling. As I was lifted in the air, all I could think was 'get me down and get your hands off my ***'. Afterward, folks were supposed to say how they felt being held by the others and some broke down in tears of joy and gushed. I made up some ***, because I wasn't feelin' it. It was bizarre how I vacillated between getting into and rejecting it at the same time. Not sure if that makes sense to y'all.

Oh yeah, the Lifeboat deal described earlier on this thread is right on. The whole exercise is evil. I hate thinking about it.

I'm not going to get into great detail, because it embarrasses and angers me to no end that I fell for this bullsh*t. My final wake-up call hit when I saw the paperwork for the Leadership Program. Basically I was to pay 'them' to work for 'them' to enroll others into this scam. Alarm bells went off; I finally did research on the Internet and saw this site. I went ballistic on my friend asking what the *** did they get me into!! This person is totally brainwashed and is ignoring me now, because I didn't go to the next level!!! I've known this person for years!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Makes me sad and angry.

Does anyone here feel like people were 'planted' in the training? It really seemed like there was some 'acting' going on in order to suck people in faster. Very curious to see what others have to say about this. The air and heat were also manipulated during the training as well. There were major sexual vibes in the air during 'stretch night' too. Not in a good way. The whole thing makes me cringe!!!!

And yes, I started to treat my partner differently after I started. I became secretive about the training and started to have second thoughts about our marriage to my lovely partner who loves me unconditionally. THANK GOD I came to my senses before I screwed it up.

So folks, RUN AWAY if anyone tells you to check out PSI Seminars!!!! Don't believe anything they say! Save your hard-earned money! Any naysayer's can take a long walk off a short pier. That's just how I feel. Thank you for this forum to educate others!!!!!

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I was pushed into taking the basic by my husband (just - 8 months in!) and am planning to divorce him. Yes, I do think there are plants in the training session.

In fact, one of the members who trained with us turned up in the "inner circle" on the last night. And I went through the same feelings of wanting to debunk but not wanting to ruin it for those who might really benefit from it. What a load of bull! I'm so angry I'd like to sue them for loss of affection from my husband.

When I refused to take more seminars and told my husband I thought he should not either, that A++hole actually told me sweetly..."some people just don't understand the concept of giving".

I wanted to slap him...wish I had.

Steele, Missouri, United States #51219


Just curious, do you folks really feel that a 4 day class is so powerful that someone of average strength and intellect couldn't make it out with out being "brainwashed"?

It seems like another strategy could be to go through the class so you'd know what she experienced and take it from there. They offer a money back guarantee right?

I truly hope that things work out for you both.

Yes I ‘really feel’ and believe that it does. I saw it for myself. I LIVED it. I saw this destroy my wife and my marriage. I saw the true love of my life destroy herself with this claiming she left to find her number 10 relationship (with herself.) A few weeks after she left I confronted her about the money she spent. She lied to me saying she hadn’t given PSI anymore money. I later found out she did. Thousands of dollars for a week at the ranch? Come on. You could take three cruises for that kind of money and not have to sit in a rec room at the ranch being brainwashed.

And then to lie about it? If the program is so great why lie? I don’t know what bothered me more; the fact that she lied or the fact that when she did lie I BELIEVED her. I couldn’t tell. And that had never happened before.

As for her number 10 relationship; Funny thing is; she hasn’t found it. She’s deep in debt and nothing to show for her life except for her failures. A house (foreclosed), car (repossessed) and several (and I do mean several) failed relationships. She gained so much weight it’s causing her health issues. She used to take care of herself. Some Tools huh?

What kind of "strategy" is there to simply not take the class? Why should anyone?

"They offer a money back guarantee?” Sure they do, minus fifty dollars. Oh and lets not forget the ‘four fun filled days’ spent doing the basic. Then the week at the ranch for PSI7. Then there are the leaderships programs----9 days. That’s nine thousand dollars for three “programs.” My wife spent that much the first four (that’s right, four) months. Would you shell out $9000.00 in four months?

The grads attempt to talk the people in their lives into taking the program(s) and when they run into someone who is of "average strength and intellect" who won't take the basic they leave. It’s that simple. They see it as being “unsupportive.” I saw it for what it was; a “SCAM.” A *** job to take our money. I remember going to my wife’s basic graduation and being approached by several men asking me if I was interested in taking these courses. I said ‘no, it wasn’t for me.’ To a man, each on voiced/questioned if I wanted a better life? My answer to them was “I am happy with my life. I have a good, loving wife, a family I love and am proud of. I have a home and a job that I’m proud of and enjoy doing.” Why would I look to “improve” that? I guess I was the fool because my wife fell for this and it ruined our marriage. (I will always believe that and no one can convince me of it other wise.)

And apparently, I am not the only one. I saw the anguish this caused me, my children and my family. Not only my family, but hers as well. I’ve read the problems on this site, and others, about what this has done with regards to marriages/relationships when one person (and/or both) goes to these LGAT’s and I see a pattern. You would have to be blind and *** not too. “Average strength and intellect?” People are always looking for the “quick fix” to their problems and some are willing to pay large sums of money to get it. And there are others who face up to their problems and live their lives without “the help” from PSI and its TOOLS.

And don’t take this the wrong way; but if you’re here to sell me/us and everyone else that’s against PSI, and for that matter, other LGAT’s; save it. I’ve lost too much already and I for one am not interested.


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