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My friend has been attending this for I believe a year now. Nothing in her life has changed.

She is actually very successful and has been prior to this, is she in debt due to student loans? Of course but she is a successful Dr who will get the debt cleared. After going to this introduction I walked out feeling awful for these people. It was all about money.

If you take risks you can make six figures. I already know this without having to pay $595. Also how I knew it was a scam, they had the "tuition" amount on a board for $795 a friend of mine just signed up the night before and only paid the $595 at the end of this stupid waste of time introduction they try to suck you in by saying YOU GET A DISCOUNT! Lies.

They make you BELIEVE it is a discount. They scam you out of hundreds if not thousands of dollars to basically TELL you, you can do anything, you are beautiful, you are string. They prey on the weak minded and make them believe because these people are not family or friends and so what they say has to be true. It is all a scam.

The 3 people that they had on stage to discuss their success basically said they are happy now because they make six figures. One was divorced, one was single, one was in a unhappy marriage but because they made six figures, one had a BMW, one went to Tahiti and one basically got a business loan to open up her own salon they are NOW successful thanks to this seminar.

Its crap and awful how they take money from the weak. I will more than likely lose a friend and for no good reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Psi Seminars Seminar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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