From: Amy C.

Sent: Jun 18, 2009 7:58 PM

Subject: PSI7_TEAM438 White light

Wow! It has been a long time since I have sent out an email to anyone with PSI. I still receive emails and read them, yet I have not reached out ... and it is time. I really don't want to get into a lot of the unpleasant details... so here is the basics. Married 8 years, together 11 years, have a son with my (soon to be ex-husband) who is now 16 months old. He is a wonderful boy!! As many of you know...it was a struggle for me to carry a child to term...so he is a blessing! Anyway, my son was 9mos old, my husband was distant emotionally from me for a long time. In November I caught him having an affair with one of my friends (obviously not my friend anymore) and that the affair had been going on since I was 5mos pregnant. So over a year...I went to surprise him on a business trip...but the surprise was on me. In the end...things have been awful...we have a lot of marital assets and debts and many assets he was transferring to his mother so that he could get out with all the good stuff...well, I caught him early enough that I am only out about $150,000 (non-liquid assets). Yet, I have all the debt with his affair because Missouri is a no-fault state. I have two attorneys working my case and the finality comes to my signature on the paperwork tomorrow. With that...I have had a severe response to the stress which has caused lots of discomfort with hives and rashes...never happened before. Along with migraines...that was always a part of life before, just more frequent now. I have a hard time asking for help...but here goes...Please send white light for my son and myself. Healing for my heart and freedom from anger! I read the Eagle Prayer often now...wow...how it means so much more at different times in your life! Namaste,

Amy C.

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