My daughter was talked into taking this class, her previous employer thought it would help her because she lost her husband and boys during Katrina. Personally, I thought she had learned to grieve and was handling her losses very well, however, after taking the class she started having severe nightmares and depression. My daughter also has AML, which she and her twin sister have shared growing up. We lost her sister last April to the illness. My daughter went through a bout of Pneumonia in February which has exasperated her AML.

We tried contacting PSI Seminars to get her money refunded minus expected administrative and refund fees, and have received numerous runarounds. Nothing in the documents my daughter received ever told her that almost $7500 for the two courses she signed up for were not refundable. So if this is a legitimate company why would they not refund fees wither a customers has an illness or second thoughts the money belongs to the hard earned efforts of the payee not the receivee if they have not taken the classes yet.

I was told I must submit documentation from the hospital to receive her money back, my daughter is not working now, is sick, has no insurance to pay for medical expenses, and the hospitals have told us if there is money to gain from the refunds, they will also try to attach it for the medical expenses so I am afraid to ask for this documentation.

Either way my daughter loses and I am stuck paying for her storage fees for personal items, and she can't get them to give her the money back so she would have something to fall back on while she is not working.

My daughter tells me that she would probably have re-signed for classes in the future because she did hope to gain some valuable skills from the courses, but now that she has been given such a run around and read the other reviews, she doesn't believe in the system anymore.

I truly believe that any seminar type business has the right to impose a no refund clause on courses not taken, and this should have been explained when she sighed up, not with held. I am sorry to say that as soon as my daughter is able we will be submitting a small claims case against PSI Seminars, because the money should be return, she is not physically able to take these additional course, and after the 3 day seminars awakening the repressed emotions of her husband and children's loss, I wouldn't think she should complete the additional course for emotional sake., but I am only her mother, what do I know. I love daughter and want her to be happy and well. But, from what I have read PSI is not the way to help her.

Review about: Psi Seminars Seminar.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

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Moorpark, California, United States #876574

I signed up for the basic seminar and then cancelled. I was told that I agreed to a no cancellation fee.

***!!!!! This is a greed-based scam.


Seriously? I have 7 beautiful children.

And we definitely measure our childrens' loses differently.

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