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I wouldn't go so far as to call PSI Seminars a cult, but it is a huge scam and pyramid scheme that taps into people's emotions to garner thousands of dollars from participants.Very little of what is taught at the seminars is life changing.

However, making people overcome with emotion by having them remember repressed memories influences many to continue to sign up for increasingly more expensive seminars and retreats. Like adherents to a religion, there are some who are fairly mainstream and others who are more extremist in following the PSI Seminar teachings. There are in fact some successful people who participate, and these people are often used to recruit participants by making people who show up to a talk or graduation event believe that anyone who signs up for the seminars will become more successful, wealthier, more personally fulfilled, etc. Of course, well off people can afford to throw away money and not suffer the consequences.

My pity lies with participants who aren't so well off. I met someone at the seminar who was struggling financially but believed that being in the PSI community was the ticket to a better life. Of course she made friendships there which made her feel better about her situation, but she was almost proud of the fact that she was able to scrounge together thousands of dollars to go to the PSI retreat when that money could be better spent in investment and savings. The motivational speakers at the seminar do not have any credentials in psychology, but use pseudo-psychology tactics on participants.

Instead of doing the ethical thing and turning away people such as the woman above who had nothing but would use all her savings to go to PSI seminars, the speakers encourage them to do so, making analogies about buying what you want over what you can afford without thinking about the consequences. Anyone with common sense knows that this is plain foolishness. It is no better than a *** artist selling a three thousand dollar bottle of snake oil. I cannot support an organization that overcharges gullible people into paying thousands for the PSI seminar course.

It isn't a cult per se, but I see a lot of similarities between PSI and what religious organizations and borderline cults such as Scientology do to recruit and retain members. I would not recommend anyone to do PSI. If you want to try it out, know that you can ask for a refund minus a small fee if you ask for it within 48 hours of completing the Basic Seminar. I doubt you can get your money back if you pay thousands to go beyond the Basic course.

If you want help with issues concerning things that happened to you in the past, see a certified mental health physician.For the price of the full PSI experience (over $10,000) you could put that toward individual consultation with a psychologist or marriage counselor.

Review about: Psi Seminars Basic Seminar.

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